Saturday, 19 April 2008

Flat pieces of fabric

Saashka wrote on her blog a little while ago (I am paraphrasing here) that home dec was not her favourite sewing, as it felt like transforming flat pieces of fabric into flat pieces of fabric. This explained to me why I don't like home dec sewing at all. I had not worked this out before! Despite this, I have sewn 3 pillowcases and one enormous cushion cover this week, so am very pleased with myself for completing these loathsome, but useful and fabric eating tasks. I have also done some more dull flat sewing. I made 3 aprons. I did not take photos of the cushions, but if Marji and Cidell can put photos of aprons on their blogs, I guess I can too. These aprons do fit adults, but I admit, Marji and Cidell have prettier aprons than me. I may need to make more aprons. Next I looked sadly at my mending pile. My DD#2's skirt that I thought I might be able to lengthen, as it was her favorite, is now too skinny for her. I breathed a sigh of relief and made it into a new ballet bag for her. She is very pleased with it. It is amazing what a piece of rick rack can do to liven up an old denim skirt.
My next sewing was an attempt to keep sewing for myself. I got out a really pretty damask type pattern denim, with gold thread woven through it, to make a skirt for myself. I cut this out in a straight skirt for me, but unfortunately, after I basted it and tried it on for tweaking it was a terribly unflattering, too short length, due to me not buying enough of a rather expensive fabric. This is not a mistake I have made recently. I radically reduced the side seams, and it makes a great SWAP extension for DD#1, as it looks perfectly matched with her gold brocade top, or at least it would if she had felt like being photographed.
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Alexandra said...

The skirt-turned-ballet-bag is absolutely adorable!

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

What a great idea! Well done.