Thursday, 12 June 2008

Travel wardrobe

Last night I was packing for my daughter's trip to France, and decided to put the wardrobe up for display like the SWAPS, just for fun. The photo above is the items I have made. The photo below is the purchased items she is taking. However, I had her try on the purchased long pants, which she has not worn since last winter, and they are too small, so we have substituted a pair of khaki 3/4 pants. The wardrobe has only 3 items that do not match ablsolutely everything else - the striped tank top, the print blouse, and the print skirt. However, I think she needs the patterns for a less uniform look.

The last 2 items I have made for her are tank tops/vests from Simplicity 9461. I made these a little longer. The beige tank has a contrast border, sewn double to the right side, turned in then topstitched. I have also embroidered a heart motif to the front. She likes this one much better than the pink one, which is made pretty much to the pattern, with the edges turned in and topstitched. I have topstitched in a zigzag, and gone over it 3 times to give a strong constrast. She is keen for me to embroider this one as well. I am thinking about it, but not very hard.

I did not make all of the items, these knit pants were made by my daughter.
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Vicki said...

Lucky daughter - so many new clothes! And double lucky - going to France!!