Saturday, 19 July 2008

Works in Progress or the impact of the Tour de France on my sewing

I was hoping to have some sewing finished by today to post about, but the only thing I have finished this week is this pair of socks.
I have been sitting in front of the television, watching the Tour de France, as my husband is very keen on cycling. I started another pair of socks, for my son.
I was intruiged by the latest Smocking and Embroidery magazine, which includes smocking on velour, which I had not yet attempted, so I did a bit of this. You can see that I am not sticking to anything this week.
It is possible that the Tour de France is not entirely to blame for my lack of sewing. The pile of denim does not look much like 2 pairs of jeans. It is a rather discouraging pile. I have been whinging at Stitcher's Guild about my fruitless search for a size 90 or 100 twin topstitching needle as I have been fighting with a useless size 80, and the thread breaks every few cm despite strict attention to tension and stitch length. The lovely and generous Robin of a little sewing on the side tells me that a real jeans twin needle is winging its way towards me. After 3 or so hours of driving on Wednesday, with thoughts of finding this needle (actually there was an orthodontist appointment in the local metropolis, but that spoils the story), foiled by Spotlight,who claim such a needle does not exist, I am even more fond of Stitcher's Guild! Thanks Robin.
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Marji said...

so glad you're getting the needle you need.
Ah, we're all caught up in the Tour here too.
I'm sure you noticed that the stage win yesterday was won by an Aussie! Very exciting finish. And the spills yesterday were dramatic.

Melinda said...

Love the smocking! Velour is lovely to smock with, but be prepared for it to stretch out waaaay more than normal woven fabric.

Are you making the project from AS&E or something else?