Sunday, 26 October 2008


I am making Vogue 8096, a shirt for my husband. He has been very keen for me to do this for some time, but I have been rather scared of attempting one, as (he is not looking) my husband is very particular about his shirts. In an attempt to encourage myself I bought David Coffin's book "Shirtmaking" and have finally started working through it this weekend. The book is fabulous.
I started with a toile made from calico. My fitting adjustments were very slight. I have widened the yoke by 5mm overall, and trimmed 1cm from the front neck. I am unable to show fitting photographs, as the subject declined. He has agreed to one photograph of the finished object, so I do not want to push my luck!

I practiced the placket. I have messed up the topstitching, but did not really find it too tricky following the book. I attached the cuff purely to check the length of the finished sleeve, so do not look at the rough stitching.

I thought I was all ready to construct the real shirt yesterday, but instead have ordered a flat felling foot for my machine. Then I thought today that I would make the shirt with welted seams instead, and do not have matching thread. I will use ordinary thread rather than the fine cotton thread David Coffin calls for, as I do not want to make another overseas order this month, but the shops are closed until tomorrow, when I will be at work. This may be a lengthy project.
I will start a new knitting project instead. A cable jumper is calling me.
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Ann said...

Karen, I bought David Page Coffin's and Barbara Hellyer's books on shirtmaking and learned a lot of professional techniques.

Good luck and I know you will have a fantastic shirt for your husband.

Anonymous said...

That books is awesome (almost terrifying!) well done on the placket - I keep telling myself that NONE of this sewing is difficult if you just go step by step... really...

Claudine said...

The couple of shirts that I've made for my DH lead me to the conclusion that making a mens' shirt is a lot like quilting. There's lots of precise topstitching, but not much fitting involved. Following the Coffin book is definitely the way to go.

Carol said...

Good luck! You know the fitting issues I had (am still having). I haven't seen the David Coffin book, but I've heard so much about it, I think I need to buy it too. I love doing plackets this way and after the first half a dozen or so, you won't even have to look at the instructions (I'm lying - I always have to look). Can't wait to see the finished product.