Saturday, 29 November 2008

Knit tops

I do not find knit sewing very rewarding. I am not at all skilled at this type of sewing, but am trying to improve. I think it is more difficult than it appears. Despite my lack of skill causing some of my dissatisfaction, I am pretty sure after my 3rd attempt that the Jalie 2787 top is not for me. For this version I used a lovely thick cotton lycra knit that I bought at the Sunday markets earlier this week - I have never seen fabric there before. This was much easier to sew than the rayon jersey I used previously (thanks Maree for the words of consolation, now I know I am not alone with my troubles with this fabric). I did not use contrast bindings, making the construction even more simple. I increased the length of the cross overs by 1.5cm to allow more bust room - the previous tops pulled to the front at the side seams. However, there is still puddling and wrinkling at the lower front. The fabric is not at all stretched here in construction. I now realize this is not the fabric, but the cut of the pattern. I could alter the style, but looking at the pattern envelope and the reviews at pattern review,it only now strikes me that this seems most flattering on women with fairly spare and elegant figures, neither of which adjectives apply to me. It is useful, I suppose to discover yet another unflattering style to avoid!

I have not done a great job with this version of Simplicity 4095 - how stupid of me to follow Simplicity's topstitching instructions at the neck, because it looked fine before this step, but generally, I think this style of top is more suitable for my shape. Unfortunately, it is not as interesting in design.

Fortunately, I think the Jalie top will look very good on my daughters. I am very pleased that it comes in so many sizes.
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MareeAlison said...

I think you are being just a tad harsh on yourself. I honestly like your crossover top and think it's more flattering on you than the Simplicity one with the central gathers. Isn't it hard to see yourself as others do. :) I think you've done a great job.

Melinda said...

I have that Jalie pattern here, and I'm planning to make it with an FBA. I think that will help a lot with the fit, as most patterns that fit me around the waist are waaay tight over the chest.

I'm planning on this pattern for this years SWAP, so I hope it works ok!

Melinda said...

Also, I agree with Maree Alison, I think it looks fine on you!

With the simplicity top, have you washed and dried it yet? That often shrinks topstitching down and makes it behave a bit better.

I personally love knit sewing, I find it much easier than wovens!

Alexandra said...

I like both tops but the Simplicity is definitely more figure-flattering on you. It might look even better if you lengthen the shirring to underbust level (IMHO).

Sew Passionista said...

Hi Kbenco. I so empathize with you. I have a full bust and I've managed to alter this kind of top (FBA) with the help of Debbie. I don't know her web adress off the top of my head but if you go to my list of blogs on my blog and click on Debbie' s Sewing Projects Fly Front ... and then click on return to index, you'll find some great instructions on how to do this. I think that this top is very flattering on me inspite of my being quite chesty.