Wednesday, 5 November 2008


My sewing machine has been playing up for a little while. The pedal seemed to have a mind of its own, frequently continuing to drive my needle after I had removed my foot. This was not amusing whilst trying precision topstitching. I thought there must be a sticky connection inside the foot, but did not want to stop sewing to investigate, in case I had to send the machine away for a service. (I get withdrawal symptoms). After hearing me complain about this far too many times, my husband wrested the machine from me, and undid the pedal. This is what he found.

Apparently, this is a "spring". My husband reports that it is suffering from overuse. This was his gentle way of telling me I am a leadfoot. You can see that I have broken it :(. My wonderful husband made me a new spring from the end of a wire coathanger. He is a clever bloke. The sewing machine now works beautifully again.
Whilst the machine was in recovery, I made up my storyboard for SWAP.

I was hoping to have lots of gorgeous rich purples and greens in the tops, but I cannot make them match all of the bottoms, so it is back to cream blouses for me. I am really glad there is a longer time for this SWAP, as I still want to make all the richly coloured tops, even though they will only match 2 or 3 of the bottoms. I do think the SWAP is terrific for making me sew what I will use, rather than merely what I want. I made 3 cream or beige work blouses in the last SWAP, and two of them are worn out already. 6 cream or beige work blouses is probably a very good plan, even if I find it rather dull at this point.
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Dawn said...

I LOVE your storyboard for SWAP!

Vicki said...

What a great story board. I don't see why purples and greens would not go with your bottoms. But creams are very versatile and you have chosen some great patterns.

Vicki said...

I thought I left a comment here, but it seems to have got lost....anyway, your storyboard is great. Some really nice patterns there. I would go for the purple and green, I think they would match.

MareeAlison said...

Karen - aren't husbands who can fix just about anything great to have around. Mine's similar to yours by the sounds of it. I like your storyboard and I love purple and green (or aqua).

Carol said...

I was thinking of getting a spare machine for when mine goes for a service. Nothing happens quickly in when you live away from the cities, so I feel I must be prepared.

I agree with you about the SWAP. I'm doing it to FORCE me to make functional things that actually match other things, rather than making a whole collection of garments I love but have nothing to match with them. I'm even thinking of a denim skirt like the one you made for the JCC ... I do have the pattern. Looking forward to seeing what you do!