Monday, 8 December 2008

BWOF 11-08-110

I have been sewing this week, but it has been too hot for the past few days to dress up and have my photograph taken. This morning is much cooler after some fabulous rain, so here is skirt 110 from the November BWOF. I am very pleased with it, although it seems to have grown since I wore it. This is no real surprise, as the fabric is stretch denim.


When I made the toile, I used calico (muslin for North Americans) and as I knew I would be making the finished garment from stretch woven fabric, I made the toile very close fitting. The skirt has 8 panels, so fitting for me was just a matter of trial and error taking in and out. It was not difficult but took a little while as I always seem to need two or three trying on sessions for each seam!

It does look as if I will need to take it in again, but I think the wrinkles look worse in the photograph than in real life. I have decided to put this skirt in my SWAP, as the colour fits, and I originally had two straight skirts from another pattern, so this can replace one of them. As it is denim, it allows a more casual look. I also like this skirt with the other blouse I made from the same pattern (Vogue 8034) as the cream silk one I am wearing here. The only real change I made to the pattern was to use bias binding, turned under for the hem. I cut out the skirt with no hem allowance (my legs are short). I felt that double folding the denim for the hem would make the godets too stiff. I think the hem of the skirt would look prettier in a more drapey fabric, but I still like this one.
I will write a full review at pattern review later on.

I am copying lots of other blogs with a parting shot. These are storm crocus in my garden. I think they are more commonly called autumn crocus, but in Queensland they flower after a lot of rain, so I have plenty in flower today.
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wendy said...

It looks great from New Jersey. :-) I love the hem, it makes it look really polished!

Dawn said...

I this skirt and your version looks great!

Sew Passionista said...

Really cute skirt! I've been subscribing to BWOF since March and have'nt made a thing from it yet.

Carol said...

I love this skirt! How come you've got BWOF November?? We just got September here in Mullumbimby! I think I'm going to make this skirt for my SWAP, too, if the magazine makes it in time!