Friday, 9 January 2009

Fabric score

Sue kindly asked me to post about my fabric shopping during my dash to Brisbane,(twist my arm :) ). I do not have any secret and previously unknown-to-me shops to divulge,as I had to squeeze my shopping in between dull work activities, but here it is!
I love the parcels that Gardams make up. It is quite exciting to unwrap them once you get home.

I bought 3m of a cotton shirting in a subtle green and black on white print in order to make my DH (and perhaps my son) a shirt. My DH's hints about his next shirt are becoming quite frequent. The other fabric is a 100% cotton sateen in a creamy/beige colour, I bought 2m to make a work shirt for myself. Both fabrics cost $18.99 per metre. This year I will write down all my fabric purchases, for interest and investigation only, as unlike many sewing bloggers, I do not think I buy too much fabric, but it still seems to be accumulating, so maybe I do buy too much.

The other fabric I bought is from loathsome Lindcraft in the city. The poor overworked shop assistant in the home dec department was extremely helpful and pleasant, which is a nice change. This is a polyester upholstery fabric in a sort of purplish tweed. I bought 6m of this at $14.95per metre (on sale) in order to make new chair covers. I dislike home dec sewing, but was unable to make myself buy new chair covers, as the fabric, thread and zippers for 2 chair covers and footstools costs less than one finished, badly made cover, so in my strange internal accounting system, the shirt fabric above is completely free, (once I make the covers).

The other horrible news I discovered is that Gardams on Adelaide St is closing in March at the end of their lease. I was very sad to hear this. Apparently the shop closure is not due to decreasing sales - the lady at the counter told me fabric sales are the best they have been for years (yay!) but to a huge rent increase. There will be another city shop, much smaller, and the Indooropilly shop will increase in size. This does not help me, as I have never managed to go to Indooropilly, so I really hope the new city shop is as easy to get to as Adelaide St.
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Sue said...

Thank you for the run-down. I am sorry to hear Gardams in the city is closing. I did not know that had a shop at Indooroopilly.
If you ever come up the hill the Gardams in Toowoomba is well worth a visit!

katherine h said...

I'm sad to hear that Gardams is closing....not that I get to brisbane that often. I also have not made it to Indooropilly, but I think that is where Scafs is, so maybe it will be worth the trip.

Sew Passionista said...

I don't like home dec sewing either and am still trying to persuade myself to make the third and last valance for my livingroom. Good luck with you chair covers.