Sunday, 29 March 2009

Birthday pyjamas

My older daughter is having a sleepover 14th birthday party this weekend, so you would not think I would get any sewing done, but somehow I have done more sewing in the last 24 hours than I have for weeks.
My daughter instigated the plan. She wanted to do some fabric painting as an activity at her party. She originally thought of t shirt painting, but when we found exceptionally cheap XL men's t shirts at a discount shop, the plan changed to sleep shirt/nighties, which she thought they could all wear at the party as soon as they had finished. However, some of her friends are tall, and she thought we should make pyjama shorts to wear with the sleep shirts. Not a problem.
However, when I brought out a selection of fabrics so that the girls could choose, I struck a problem. As I should have predicted, they all wanted the same fabric, so they could match. Unfortunately, there just was not enough of the fabric they had selected - a frog print that has been in stash since DD was 4. I think she selected it!
I used the french knicker pattern 129 from BWOF 12-2008, which is really short in the legs. By laying out the pattern pieces on a single layer of fabric and using both straight and cross grain, and tiny seam allowances. I managed to squeeze in enough pairs for everyone, but thought I had better not send home extra short pants with these teenagers and risk offending their mothers.I added a bias cut pleated ruffle to the pyjama legs, with rolled hem finishes top and bottom. The ruffle fabric is a quilting cotton with a lilypad print. I think they are really cute pyjama shorts, and the girls were thrilled. It did take quite a bit longer than the quick boxers I had originally planned, but I think it was worth it.
Here they are on my daughter this morning.



All the girls are still here, but they are such great kids (and self entertaining)that I think I can spend the rest of the day sewing for myself - after I make a birthday cake. They have just eaten 5 pancakes each, so I think I am safe from food requests for a while.

Mary Pat asked about the inner closure on the baby cardigan. It is a true wrap top, and the ribbon tie on the left passes through the right side and around the back. So if I was to make a seamless body, I would need to include an eyelet for the ribbon to pass through under the right arm. I'm glad you asked or I would have forgotten this step. I will write it on my pattern.
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Carol said...

Oh, these are the cutest things I've seen in a long time!

gwensews said...

Those are really very cute pj pants. What a nice mom!

MaryPat R said...

The shorts are cute. How did the fabric painting go?
Thanks for teh clarifiaction on the sweater. I want to sew something similar for Maisie for the ballet class she starts next week so your timing was perfect!

Anonymous said...

Really very cute. But my eye was caught again by your 6-yards-of-fabric dress on your review sidebar. Did I tell you that dress has va-va-voom? I think it is absolutely fantastic on you. Do you wear it much?

Sew Passionista said...

Oh that is too cute. Isn't it great fun making girls things.

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those are super cute and the ruffle idea was genius!

angie.a said...

So cute!! My daughter (almost 12) definitely approves. And OMGosh! I had that exact frog print about 10 years ago too!! I made a Children's Corner "Elliott" out of it, with a picture smocked frog plate for dd. It had red plastic heart buttons on the shoulders and red rickrack around the insert. Sniff.