Monday, 13 April 2009

BWOF to the rescue

Thank you for commiserating with my sewing woes. I got my act together, I really did not want to waste a work free Easter by not sewing.
ejvc, in addition to reminding me about all the Easter chocolate in the house, queried the deviations of my disaster pocket from the Marlene pants pocket. My pocket was intentionally different, as well as disastrously different, from the Marlene pocket. I was attempting this style of pocket.

These pants are the RTW men's trousers I mentioned in the last post. I thought the buttonhole placement would be a pleasant change from messing around with the skinny little tab on the Marlene tabs. This was before the sewing gremlins visited my machine and showed me that a disastrous buttonhole on a tab means sewing a new tab, and a disastrous buttonhole on the back trouser piece means a whole new back leg (the fabric marks too much for unpicking). The now complete Marlene pants have the tab. I am sorry not to have any finished clothes photos, but we are in the middle of an incredible amount of rain, and the light is too bad. The other change I made to the Marlene pants was to make the front pocket with a slanted front opening. I reinforced the slant with selvage to prevent gapping, and the pockets sit quite nicely.

I also finished the orange blouse, but after some thought, felt that one of the factors in my sewing woes was making 4 versions of V7903 and two versions of the Marlene pants as my last 6 projects. I am tired of these patterns.
Fortunately, the April BWOF just arrived before Easter. Yesterday I cut out toiles for the pants 118

and the skirt 101.
Cabinbaby posted about the trousers a few days ago, and mentioned that they were a little tight in the thigh. Knowing that if Dawn thought this, I would be wearing sausage skins, I made a full thigh adjustment to my paper tracing before I cut out the toile.

After I made the toile I took in the back waist, added some extra backside room and now have the best pair of jeans I have ever worn. I am in a state of considerable euphoria about these pants - sewing is fabulous! I will post adjustment photos and hopefully some outfit photos once the weather improves.
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Edited to fix link to Dawn's trouser jean post.


Carol said...

You've got the April BWOF?? I just got January! It's raining here, too and I'm tired of it but at least I've gotten a lot of sewing done this weekend. Hope you've had a happy easter, despite the rain.

gwensews said...

Congratulations on getting your mojo back. I wonder how professional atheletes keep from getting that "mind thing" when they error on the field, or the team is losing? Their refocus has to be incredible.

Also, congrats on the jeans. That's my nex project also.

Ann's Fashion Studio said...

It's wonderful when a pattern really works out. Look forward to seeing them :)

Dawn said...

I love that little a-line skirt too. That might be on my short list. I need to find some fabulous fabric to go with it first. (Oh, and the link to my post is not working. I think some of the text got cut off.)

Little Hunting Creek said...

Sometimes nothing goes right and sometimes everything does. It happens to everyone. Let's hope your poltergeists are done with you now. :)

MaryPat R said...

Ooh, I hope the rain lets up soon. This sounds like LOTS of pictures will be here soon!

Anonymous said...

Those Marlenes look great on you, though, so you won't regret making another pair. I'm sorry about the buttonhole thing, though. Maybe another day. And I'm SO pleased about the jeans and can't wait to see pictures!


Sue said...

I look forward to seeing the BWOF pants!