Sunday, 24 May 2009

Making a pattern

Thank you for the enabling comments about my lin gerie forays. I now feel that I am in fabulous company in the 66 of 28000 on the Stuart Anderson site, and have placed an order with Booby Traps (materials for 2 bras, 1 knickers $60.50 9inc postage - better than $57 per bra RTW for sure). I have also been looking at Fabric Depot, and am sure to place an order on Monday when I get back to a fax machine.
However, I did not buy a pattern. I am feeling stubborn. I traced this off my only RTW bra that is not a moulded cup.
I have actually sewn up a some of a bra from this, but as I do not have any elastic strapping, and have experienced a really poor excuse for a weekend (work, you know, just ruins a weekend IMO), there has not been any sewing progress since Thursday night. I did buy a protractor and compass set for some pattern drafting. I am feeling ambitious.

I am in the fortunate postion of having a local fabric shop at which ling erie supplies are available - at least I thought so until I tried to buy some.
/ This lot cost $8. The shades are vastly different.
The owner of the shop tells me that she has stopped teaching bra making classes as she was unable to source matching elastics, laces and fabric. Unfortunately I agree with her, these will not make a pretty bra, but it will be OK for practice. She does not stock underwires, so I will use some from an old bra - unfortunately I remember them as digging in and extremely uncomfortable. I think I will get to work with some wire snips. Sewing is getting adventurous around here, venturing into my husband's shed for the wire snips is a a bit of a production.
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BeeBee said...

Wow, good luck on your under pinnings. Quite adventursome. I still think BWOF is on the cutting edge, LOL.

katherine h said...

Another good source for bra fabrics and supplies is

I have bought fabric and supplies from them and been very happy with the quality. I have also bought the Bra-makers Manual, which looks good. That's about when I got distracted by sewing clothes and forgot about underwear, so I haven't tried their own line of patterns...but they look like they might be the best patterns going around. Here is a link to their full band pattern

Carol said...

You are a brave woman! I love the idea of making a bra, but I'm not sure I can do it. I eagerly await the results!

Anne e le manine d'oro said...

You are brave, making your pattern and venturing into lingerie sewing. Oh la la, you have more courage then I. I look at Sigrid and Liana who sew miracle underwear and I still wonder if this is for me. I will be following your progress with great interest. Enjoy your sewing.

MareeAlison said...

Karen - good luck with the bra. It's very adventurous. You may have heard of Booby Traps which is located here in Sydney. Our Bernina Club does visits there once a year or so, though to date I've never been. If you can't find what you need some of their kits may be useful. Also Pitt Trading here in Sydney sells loads of gorgeous laces and power net etc for bras. They are on line but and they do mail out fabrics. I was there today and they were mailing some stuff to NZ. You probably have something closer to home but if not, that may help.

a little sewing on the side said...

Good idea to make your own pattern - I have been thinking along the same lines for myself. I think it will save time in the run.
We don't have a lot of lingeri supplies here either. It looks like the European websites have the prettiest supplies, doesn't it?