Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The end of the pyjama marathon

My husband found some bicycle fabric on the internet. He claims that he was not looking for fabric, just at cycling, but I am a little dubious about this statement.
I do not have many men's patterns, but digging around in my pattern stash, I came up with this.
Don't you love the sleazy type in the middle eating his sunglasses?
I think this must be a hand-me down pattern from my mother, who made a few board shorts for my brother in the late 80's. I don't remember buying nor using this pattern before, and it is cut out already.
After making all the other pyjama shorts, the pattern looked rather dull. I added a button front fly, winging it, and the elastic backed drawstring and topstitching I have been doing for the past few weeks in my sleep.
I am over pyjamas.
Here is the last gasp.
I am hoping my children will agree to co-ordinate for Christmas eve, and stocking opening whilst modelling this last grouping.
It is too young for the girls, but as the fabric was purchased at JoAnne's in 1998, in order to make matching pyjamas for my toddler girls, I thought that if I did not use it this year, I would never make this project.
The patterns are girls'- BurdaStyle 11-2008-134/5 again, boy's- Topkids 52 shirt 9 and TopKids unidentified shorts again.
Materials cost
Bicycle pyjama shorts Cotton fabric from BearPaw Quilts $US 8.99per yard + shipping, 3/4 of a yard $US 7.50, about $1 for thread, recycled button and pattern.
$US 8.50
Pyjamas for Christmas Eve
Deep stash Debbie Mumm Cotton at $US6 per yard, I used about 3 and 1/2 yards for the sets $21
Thread, elastic $5 (generous)
Bra straps $0.50 (Greenfields, Sydney, bulk buy)
Patterns- previously used, free
Buttons - recycled, free
$AUD about 30 for the three sets.
I will not be sewing for the next few weeks, as after I host a pre Christmas dinner for my family this evening, we are off to visit the in-laws, then will spend a week or so camping.
When we come home, all the sewing will be about me, me, me.


Sharon said...

You have produced some great pj's and think the bicylce fabric is geat. I purchased some ski boot fabric for my DH, and was thinking of making it up into boxer shorts. Notice the "thinking"

Have a great time in Sydney and enjoy the camping.

KID, MD said...

That pattern is hilarious!! The bicycle shorts are fun, though. I hope you and your family has a wonderful holiday!

Carol said...

I love the bicycle fabric! I've got a great Kwik Sew mens gym shorts and singlet pattern with the most outrageous sleazeball on the front. Cracks me up every time I see it. This morning DH casually dropped into the conversation that he's been invited to a Love Boat party on New Years Eve and could I make him an outfit!!!! Have a safe and happy christmas.

gwensews said...

There's a lot of terrific pajamas in your gift queue. Happy holidays and have a safe and fn trip!

Vicki said...

I can't believe how much you have sewn for everyone else! Next year it has to be all about you ;) Enjoy the camping and Merry Christmas!