Sunday, 28 March 2010

Op shopping

I do not usually have much luck whilst op-shopping, but the other day I found some useful patterns at 10c each. (I think rural people keep all their old things at home in their sheds)
The lady volunteering at the shop said "I don't know how you can be bothered sewing" as I handed over some meager change. Little does she know!
Today, as a rest from welt pockets, and unable to face the tricky BWOF t shirt I had previously planned to make (due to the ongoing mayhem of hosting a sleepover party for my daughter's 15th birthday), I made up Kwik Sew 2022, boxer shorts, from left over shirting fabric.
Men's patterns are commonly disparaged for lack of details and variety, but I found these much more fun to make than my New Look pattern - see the front inverted pleats, the funky waistband, the mother of pearl buttons (I snuck these in)
Unfortunately, these have been scorned in favour of the sloppy drawstring New Look versions I have made previously.
Still, that is a lot of fun for 10c and some thread.


KID, MD said...

Great haul!!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Those are some chic oxers! I never find patterns at our thift shops here, they just throw them out

RuthieK said...

wish my local charity shops had such goodies!

Mary Nanna said...

Now I imagine you didn't even ask your husband to model them for us!

Great looking boxers. It's true then, you really DO make everything yourself. Also, have to admire your thriftiness in using up scraps.

Carol said...

I love those boxers. Maybe you can keep them, instead? I bought a whole heap of patterns at the opshop the other day (20c - expensive) and a bit of fabric for 50c. I often buy bags of buttons for 20c. I can make a garment for under $1. In fact, one of my SWAP garments is from a 50c piece of fabric from the op shop. I was thinking about welt pockets just now and I think I made better ones when I first started sewing them. Now, I probably over think them and try to hard and usually make a mess.

Anonymous said...

Op shop? I assume it's a second-hand shop, thrift shop, or charity shop by any other name; but what does it mean?

Karen, how much sewing do you do with your serger (and coverstitch!) and how much with your sewing machine? I'd like to know. I am still seeking the secret of your productivity :-)

Handmade said...

They are super cute boxers - great pattern purchases!