Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Alternative garments worm their way into the SWAP and ruin the P part

I have been knitting, school term time being prime knitting opportunity (swim class, music lessons, cross country carnival etc, etc), and just finished this wrap top for my daughter. She picked the colour, and design, saying she wanted it for dance class, but look how nicely it goes with the pale blue SWAP skirt, and a BWOF blouse that I made her last year.

Do you think it looks better than this knitted cardigan type top that was the original SWAP contender?


I expect that we will end up with another 20 garment wardrobe, and still have trouble finding 11 items that mix and match perfectly. This wardrobe planning is tough.
I am still planning to make the flippy skirt, but have traced out a pencil skirt pattern from Burda 3/10 this morning before work, in order to make a patterned denim skirt that is apparently urgently needed. I am inclined to make the recipient sew it herself , but she is finishing a very complicated wall hanging for Home Economics over the holidays, and just doesn't have spare time. I, on the other hand, must have plenty!


arnysews said...

The wrap top is great on your daughter - she has a good eye for what colours/styles suit her. I am drooling over all the fabulous looking yarn in the background of the picture - yummy!

Mary Nanna said...

Nice knitting. You sure do have golden hands. Now, I'm curious, is your daughter posing in a shop or is that your knitting stash?

I see you have been very busy over Easter. May be you SWAP could be a SWALF "sewing with a little flexibility "
- always good to respond to new opportunities. said...

Yes. Go with the wrap top.

Yarn holds mo appeal to me, however. Pose your daughter in front of fabric!

rosa said...

Now i'm confused...a silly question....just what does the SWAP stand for?? Is it 'sewing with a pattern'???
Absolutely go with the wrap top. She looks great.

Carol said...

Tough call - I'd want them both. I hear you on the 20 part wardrobe. This weekend I'm going to get everything out and see if I can make 11 work together. I like SWALF

Sharon said...

I also want them both, they look so good on your daughter.

I will keep my fingers crossed for a successful 11 piece SWAP final.

Karin said...

In combination with the skirt and blouse I like the wrap top better. But that other one is gorgeous too, in combination with some classic white trousers in summer for instance? I think that would be great!

Is that your stash behind your daughter? Ooh, looks great. Like a little knitter's heaven :-)

KID, MD said...

I like both sweaters. I think the wrap top has a sleeker line and a slightly more youthful vibe, but the cardi is a bit more professional looking.

Anonymous said...

Wrap top, very nice. SWAP stands for Sewing With a Parent. Or no? :-)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Beautiful! I am more drawn to the cardigan, but it's really only in the "I would wear that" sense, nothing to do with the actual aesthetics of either piece.