Friday, 30 April 2010

To SWAP or not and BurdaStyle Magazine 03-2010-124 blouse

First to answer a question from Rosa a few posts ago. SWAP stands for sewing with a plan, which is a sewing challenge/competition at Stitchers Guild to make an 11 item wardrobe, finishing today.
I like the idea of SWAP, as I have a tendency to sew dresses and orphans when left to my own devices, leaving me, and my family with full wardrobes and not much to wear (unless a dress will do, which is fine for nearly everything except work and the male family members)
Last year I sewed boring work clothes for myself, very, very useful, and all the blouses are still in circulation, although I killed or wore out the trousers with my usual speed, and have since made two replacement pairs. I almost got a TNT work blouse after making 7 versions of a vogue pattern, and 4 muslins, but still hate the collar. It was worth sewing the SWAP 2009.
This year I have been sewing a work wardrobe for my daughter. She needed the clothes, as she has an office job and a shop job for after school and weekends, and also will be spending 2 weeks undertaking "work experience" through school later in the year. I am quite pleased with the wardrobe to date, but am fed up with SWAP. What I am hating today, is the extra requirements. The idea is to challenge the seamstress, but frankly, I am sufficiently challenged by sewing 11 items that co-ordinate.
The extra requirements are
1. Embroidery or embellishment - done, machine embroidery as I am not wasting hand work on an office blouse. This is not tricky for me, and I made it early.
2. Unusual closure 0r buttons as a feature- whilst I appreciate this as an artistic idea, I am not artistic. This is the blouse I made this week with buttons as a feature. Burda style 03-2010-123, with lots of half sphere buttons.



This was tricky to photograph, being white, but it was foggy at the crack of dawn this morning, so I took advantage of my very sleepy daughter and made her model whilst I had soft light. That is one way to limit the clothes requests :)
I have evicted one blouse and one skirt so far because I can't take a nice photo of them, so I was relieved that this one worked out.
3. Match stripes, plaid or pattern
My problem. I couldn't match the print for a skirt that I thought I might include, as there was insufficient fabric, so I thought instead I would make a striped blouse, then had to work all last weekend (long weekend here) with NO sewing (I feel quite deprived). I have buttons and collar to finish still, and I don't think I like the blouse. I feel quite stupid for sewing a blouse that I don't want to sew, just for a sewing challenge.
A truly mature and sensible person would have a glass of wine and read a good book this evening.
I am trying to convince myself that I am mature and sensible.
Edited to add: Several commmentors have asked if I can include a previously made or purchased garment and finish the SWAP. Unfortunately, no. I have plenty of previously made, and indeed several additional garments made within the time period that co-ordinate, but none of them have a matching print, plaid or stripe, so without this last garment, I do not meet the requirements.It might also seem that I should be at my sewing machine, not my computer, but I am on the computer for work, and am giving myself little sewing thought breaks - the advantage of working for yourself!


Vicki said...

Yes, and watch Master Chef masterclass while you are at it. That's what I will be doing :) Can you include something you have already made? Or bought? I think the rules allow it and maybe you can then call it a day. said...

You are, quite possibly, the most reasonable sewing blogger I read. Certainly you should have the glass of wine and figure out some other solution.

Mary Nanna said...

I admire your persistence in getting to where you have got. I also struggle with the dilemma of choosing between sewing what I want and sewing what I need.

What I want always wins, but that is because I have made a deal with myself to buy what I need. A compromise is required somewhere - and I simply do not have the self discipline for a SWAP - excellent in theory as they are.

Ultimately, that is because philosophically I aligned with the view that sewing is my hobby, and it must be pleasurable. So no swaps or competitions or regimes of any sort, just the creative process unfolding as it wants to.

However, I do immensely enjoy other people's SWAPs because I love seeing a whole look come together.

Whether you complete this SWAP or not, your lucky daughter has had some great outfits made for her - so you know, whatever you decide, you've already won.

Sharon said...

Do you have something else previously made/or purchased for your daughter that can be incorporated into this SWAP.

I love the garments you have created so far, and am with you that I am not creative and this is why I didn't even sign up this year because of those extra requirements, LOL.

Enjoy your glass of wine.

sewing elle said...

The more I read about SWAPs and competitions the more I'm not tempted to get into one. I like making garments that coordinate, but I make them to coordinate with stuff I already own or made a few months ago. I guess I like to sew on my own terms not someone else's. Enjoy your glass of wine! You've already won, IMO, by making a fabulous wardrobe

KID, MD said...

I love this blouse, and the buttons are a wonderful addition! It took me a full month to recover from sewing just a 4 piece mini wardrobe, so I am now terrified of anything SWAP. I'm amazed at your perseverance!! And the beautiful clothes that you have been making for this one!

angie.a said...

That blouse is beautiful! I loved that one in the magazine too. Sorry you're having troubles finishing that last piece. I'm stubborn like that too, haha! Look at the bright least its not a garment for YOU! Then you'd really be mad!

Joy said...

If we call it a "wardrobe" instead, you've definitely succeeded. I've enjoyed seeing all the pieces together and I'm sure you daughter has many excellent mix and match options now.