Friday, 14 May 2010

Cycling armwarmers- or how cycling is enroaching on my real hobby.

I was planning to make you guess the purpose of these objects.
I thought it might not be terribly kind, so have given it away with the title.
It has suddenly become very chilly at 6am in the morning, and rather than buy a long sleeved cycling jersey, I made some arm warmers for myself - seeing as I had the machines all set up for wicking polyester after making the cycling caps.
Mine are the pink trimmed ones on the left.
They were admired. Strange, isn't it?
I made myself another pair to co-ordinate with my black, red and white team jersey.
A pointed request for a manly pair was issued - that would be the longer pair on the right. This was very easy sewing. I have turned one inside out so you can see the gripper elastic at the top.
I plan some slightly more tricky knit sewing next. Who am I kidding! Most knit sewing is tricky for me, but at least I can manage to sew a slightly gradiated tube and impress my cycling group. Some people are easily impressed.


KID, MD said...

These are great! I will not be showing them to DH or he will want some too, and I already have requests for jerseys and shorts... It does cut into my real hobby time!! But they make him so happy, well, you know that story. ;-)

Miss Sews-it-all said...

They look great, what a clever idea! Hopefully you won't need them too much longer.

Carol said...

Cold? It was 8 degrees this morning when I went to the gym at 6am. The same time last week it was 20 degrees! Hope this is not the sign of the winter we are to have. Your armwarmers are a great idea and I could adapt them for weight training as my elbows and wrists ache when I train.