Saturday, 8 May 2010

Cycling caps

Those who read the last SWAP post may remember that the price of a weeknight sewing was a request for a cycling cap.
I made a pattern modelled after a souvineer cap from the Tour down Under. This is a good style of cap, but was a gift to my husband, and is too small.
Naturally, as my husband prefers to be headless on the internet, the caps are modelled by my daughters, and the caps are too large for them, but you can see the idea. The main purpose of the original cap was for a little sunprotection for the face and tops of the ears.
First I made a cap from wicking polyester (beige), as requested last week. This was approved, but as the ride this morning was rather chilly, I was asked to make a polar fleece version with ear flaps (black version).
Cycling caps are the only known use for horrid thin polar fleece from Spotlight. A double layer of this stuff does warm the ears slightly, but is not so thick as to make a helmet ineffective.
I have made myself a purple version, and also some cycling arm covers to convert my jersey into a long sleeved type. This is quick and easy sewing, but only marginally more interesting than unpicking and altering.
Tomorrow I will make something from Burda. I don't know what yet :)


Carol said...

At least cycling stuff is thin and easy to sew. I was presented with a wetsuit at 5am today with a request to 'fix the zipper' before tomorrow! I can't even get the neoprene under the presser foot! Then he presented me with an old daypack with a rat chewed strap that he wants replaced to take on holidays next week. I told him to buy a new one.

Vicki said...

What a good wife you are:)

Handmade said...

Great caps - especially since they cover the ears!