Thursday, 17 June 2010

Jacket questions

This project has been in the works for some time. Last year, my Goretex jacket wore out completely. No amount of ironing or patching could stop it leaking under heavy rain conditions.
I was a bit sad about this, as my husband bought it for me on our honeymoon (he is a very practical man re presents) and it cost nearly 2 weeks wages. I guess it was good to get 18 years of hard wear from it!
I ordered some Gortex from Seattle Fabrics, thinking of making a replacement something like the one in the photo (credit Mountain Designs)

Unfortunately, although I had intended to order 3yards of sober green, with 1 yard of purple for possible colour blocking, the colours were reversed in the order I received. Also, the contrast was rather more striking than I expected.


I managed all summer without a jacket, but now I am about to take a trip, and had to return to the jacket, or horrors, buy another one (not 2 weeks wages anymore, but still very pricey, and of course, no purchased jacket will fit)
I decided to avoid colour blocking, and go with the purple, not really having any choice, 1 yard is not enough for a jacket.
However, I seem to have been struck by whimsy, now that sobriety in this jacket is not possible.
I have used the patterned cord for the drawsting, and am putting buttons on the gathered pockets (see Burda and Mary Nanna for this idea)


Above are the more sombre options, but I am leaning towards frivolous or even novelty. I wonder should a 39 year old woman wear orange and purple flower buttons on a purple raincoat? I guess I can always change them if I feel too silly.
What do you think?


Mary Nanna said...

Absolutely you should use your fun buttons. Why make something commercial and conservative when you can make it fun and personal? But you knew I would say that.

Are you making the sporty parka from Burda?

Sharon said...

I say go for the fun buttons.

When I went to China a few years ago (1 year younger than you at the time) I took my backpack which has a large lady beattle surrounded by buttons covering the FF logo and no one mentioned a thing and it gave me a smile each time I took it on and off.

MareeAlison said...

Karen - I like the star fish buttons, or the apricot colour plain ones (hard to tell colour on the pC).

With your jacket are you planning to seam seal it?

Sue said...

Have fun with the jacket - it seems exactly the right kind of piece of clothing to do this with.

Uta said...

Use whatever makes you smile. I find it hard to voice my opinion not knowing the pattern. I could imagine whimsy on a classic raincoat, less so on a sporty jacket.

KID, MD said...

Absolutely fun! I think a bright color and cute details are essential on a raincoat, which you'll wear when it's dull and drizzly outside. How else to discourage the weather blahs?

Joy said...

Yes, you should! Besides there's nothing frilly about the practical jacket material itself.

Carol said...

Wear the fun buttons! That's the whole point of sewing for yourself. Who cares what anyone else thinks. Yesterday I wore hot pink patent leather boots to work and I'm 47!

ejvc said...

It is not sober city wear, that's for sure, so why not add funky buttons?

RuthieK said...

As another 39 year old woman, I totally vote for the floral buttons. Especially if they make you happy. And if you don't like them you can take them off and put the boring ones on instead.