Wednesday, 7 July 2010

Jalie Sweetheart top merino version

I am still working on the travel wardrobe (only 4 sleeps to go)but am a little behind in my posting. This has something to do with too much cycling. It wears you out.

Here is my warmest underlayer - a merino jersey version (merino from The Fabric Place, October Sydney trip) of the Jalie Sweetheart top (around version 15 for me, all my female relatives own one of these tops by now).


I would like to be able to tell you that the embroidered fly stitch leaves on one side of the upper bodice are purely a design feature, but I am (mostly) aiming for truth in blogging. Despite making at least 14 of these tops previously, I managed to attach the upper bodice incorrectly during a moment of inattention, and had to unpick 10 gazillion lightening stitches from my very fine knit fabric. Guess what happened.

2 of the leaves are hole disguisers. I bet you can't pick which ones. (whispers - they may not actually be in the photograph)
I am not entirely comfortable in this top as a stand alone garment. It shows every bump.
I did think of making it double layered, but this would remove the ease of washing and quick drying properties that I require. If I were to make it again from merino, I would make the next size up to reduce the cling factor.
I am also thinking again about the terrible tourist trousers. I have come to the conclusion that the main problem is that I am not really a sporty dresser, and these clothes are undeniably sporty in nature. I have a sudden fancy for linen trousers. This would be Cidell's fault - I wonder if I could squeeze in a pair by Saturday?


Little Hunting Creek said...

I like the leaves on the top - very pretty! I'm glad i'm not the only one who does embellishment to hide sins of sewing. It looks good on you

KID, MD said...

I love it!! The leaves are a super cute touch, and no one else will know what they hide. The fit looks beautiful from here (what bumps???). Did you raise the neckline? I have trouble with the width of the neckline with this top (shows bra at the corners), but it looks like you've solved that problem!

Shelley's Garden said...

Love those leaves. Very smart addition.

RuthieK said...

Looks good to me, and gives a fairly plain top a designer touch :-)

Mary Nanna said...

very nice indeed - now I see the Jalie pattern made in merino I want one too! It's definitely nicer than Burda's one.

Well, you may have wrinkles on the back but they are not clinging to any fat. So I say, who cares?

Very pretty top. You'll be glad to have wash'n'wear tourist gear when it gets to the end of the day and you've spent it in total comfort and no iron touch ups required.

Bon voyage!

Sharon said...

Love your top and I agree with Mary Nanna the wrinkles aren't clinging to any fat, it is the tight fit. This is one Jalie I don't have :(

Thank you for the tip about the merino, I also have some pieces which I want to make up for winter and travel, some as an underlayer and others as tops.

Have a fantastic trip.

Gail said...

Cidel is spoiling my winter - dreaming of a white lineny summer. Meanwhile I better pop into The Fabric Store and pick up some merino. It is very nice. If you make the top again, maybe only size up the back. The front fit is great.

Handmade said...

Those leaves are very pretty - a great top!