Saturday, 10 July 2010

More travel clothes Vogue 8593

I have been fancying this pattern, Vogue 8593 since summer. I saw Carol's version,on her blog, and immediately took the pattern out to put in a pile with aubergine rayon poly lycra from Kerryn's fabric world. It waited there all summer, then I decieed not to make winter clothes this year, as I wanted to sew travel clothes for a summer trip to France and England (probably more like Queensland winter, but let's pretend it will be hot for the whole time - 32 degrees C in London today, yippee)
So it was back in the cupboard for the fabric. However, Australian Stitches showed a t shirt idea from this pattern a few months ago, and Sue's dress version reminded me that I could make this pattern in a lighter fabric.
I used a rayon lycra knit, the heaviest I have received, from Gorgeous Fabrics. I bought it last year. (The rest was rather thin, and makes great knickers)
I am not sure if the rayon lycra will be quick drying, but it is very soft and comfortable to wear - much more pleasant than the wicking polyester (which is still pretty good,just not as soft as this)It is also thinner than a cotton knit t shirt.


I think the pattern works quite well as a t shirt. I left out the back zipper, as my fabric is supper stretchy, and I did not use facings - just cut the neck to the seamline then bound it using the coverstitch. This sounds quick and easy, but as I am still a novice at coverstitching, there were in fact 2 attempts, and some handstitching because the dratted binder (or, cough, the operator)exposed the raw edge of the binding at a strategic spot. I will work out this machine one day.

I had also planned on a little decorative beading over the neckline to cover a mild wonkiness in the stitching, but am saving this for some idle moment during my travels. (Must clean the house before my kind MIL arrives to mind my children)

I have abandoned the linen pants idea. My delightful daughters predicted that wearing cream linen trousers whilst unable to access a washing machine with ease would result in sitting on a park bench recently vacated by a 2 year old with a chocolate icecream.
They are horrid pessimists, otherwise known as realists...sigh.


Mary Nanna said...

That is so gorgeous and what a great style on you it shows off that tiny waist! A great travel wardrobe addition in a colour that suits you perfectly.

Now I'm also looking at that skirt and thinking it looks like its store bought. And then I'm thinking whose blog I'm visiting and thinking it can't possibly be store bought ... so is it? Could it be???

Sue said...

What a great idea to make a top from that pattern! I must have slept through that issue of the Stitches magazine!

The colour is perfect on you and the top is very flattering for your figure.

Mary Beth said...

The top is lovely and draws attention to your face.

Shannon said...

This style looks phenomenal on you - very, very flattering!

Little Hunting Creek said...

That pattern makes a wonderful top - it looks great on you

RuthieK said...

A lovely top. The neckline is really special.

Uta said...

Very nice! The shape and the color are both very flattering.

Handmade said...

Great top - interesting comment from your daughter - she is very thoughtful!! Happy travels!!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

That makes a great t-shirt--very flattering!

Gail said...

Green is your signature colour. I love the deceptively simple neckline on this shirt.

Kathi said...

What a great neckline!! I just love it!!

Melissa Fehr Trade said...

I absolutely LOVE this top, and I had no recollection of the pattern before this. It's now on my WishList! :)

Have a great time on holiday - we're finally having a proper summer here in London this year so you've got great timing!