Thursday, 16 September 2010

Photo requests

Dr E. wanted to see a photograph of my Singer 15K.
See my buttonholer? (Insert unattractive gloating expression - the shopkeeper threw this in after I spotted it lying neglected and filthy on a shelf of bits and bobs.I have cleaned the machine and oiled the ruffler, but have some work to do on the other feet. I did play with the machine a bit when it first arrived, but feel that it needs an entire sewing weekend of attention to work out the quirks. Currently I am trying to keep ahead of my wardrobe spaces for Self Stitched September, so am not yet ready for fiddling sewing. Thank you for the ruffler manual link.
I agree with Melissa, the owner of the sewing machine shop at the Shepherds's Bush end of Goldhawk Rd is very knowledgeable. My husband was most impressed by him. I purchased the serviced machine for less than the price of a machine service at home. I am not counting the shipping cost, as 1. It was horrendous and 2. There were cycling things in the package - not mine, and 3. It was holiday spending money, so an abberation. Please don't ship me a featherweight Elizabeth!
Patricia of Suit yourself Couture asked for more information about the 1940's V & A suit. I wanted to see the front too, but unfortunately it was displayed in a glass case against a wall, and I could only catch glimpses of the front and sides. Here is a photo of the skirt, which has the same bias insert with a piped edge.

I fully intend to use this technique next winter. (Naturally, this may not happen, as I fully intended to make a suit this winter as well - best laid plans and all that...)


Suit Yourself Couture said...

You are a peach! Thank you. I love suits that don't look like a man's suit.

Anonymous said...

Did you say, ship me a Featherweight? You seem to accidentally have put a "not" in the sentence.

Thanks for taking pictures of that suit, it was really classy.

Suit Yourself Couture said...

Yes, you want a featherweight!

McVal said...

LOVE that detailing! and your machine! wow. I was just given another sewing machine and look forward to seeing if it works!

Suit Yourself Couture said...


Someone was nice enough to give me this link to see the front of the suit.