Friday, 17 September 2010

Self Stitched September 16 and 17

Self Stitched September 16 and 17

The completely un-noticeable work outfit.

I wore these new trousers today, BWOF 4-2009-118, with a 2009 cream eyelet blouse, Vogue 7903.

Although I like the trousers, due to the smooth and soft tropical wool, the luxury of lining and a pleasing waist detail,
I am very bored with the outfit.
September 17
Yesterday I wore repeat khaki gabardine trousers (I still don't like these - definitely not Isewedititis )and a different cream blouse vogue 7903. It was basically the same outfit, and I was so bored with it that I did not put up the photo (it was also rather unflattering). This weekend's project is a non-cream blouse to wear to work, and a different blouse pattern.
I agree with the constructive advice by Elizabeth and Carolyn that more colour is needed in my work clothes, but I am starting gently. This is only partly due to the general lack of bright colours in my stash. I believe I am an unadventurous seamstress.


Mary said...

What wonderful details in these trousers. I love your clothing.

Anonymous said...

These are truly lovely trousers, and the whole outfit is nice, professional, unfussy, very classy. I will find some orange shirting and send it your way. Meantime try a necklace!

Karin van D. said...

You could always use accessories to brighten up your outfits. How about colourful scarfs, necklaces, bracelets, belts or shoes? Those could add that poof of colour that makes an outfit more lively.

I do love your trousers, by the way. The details are beautiful!

Carolyn said...

Oh dear, I hope you didn't take my comment as a criticism, because I think you look lovely in neutrals! I would wear these garments here a lot too!

McVal said...

The details are great! You're pretty adventurous to do pants! I rarely do that.
What about a colorful blouse or scarf?

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Those are great trousers! I hope you find some color you like. I think our wardrobes are the complete opposite--i don't have *any* neutrals and I do occasionally need them.

Mary Nanna said...

The trousers are really really nice, I love the loop detailing on them and they are very flattering. It's a great outfit and all it needs is a fun accessory to complete it. I have to say I myself am very lazy with accessories which is why I prefer to sew detailed clothes - I let the all the details add more visual interest. Still, some outfits just need a focal point and that's where I have to get tough with myself.

a little sewing on the side said...

Very flattering. And I like calm clothes. Colors and zippy accessories are great, but calm is good, too.