Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Self Stitched September 28 and a photography fee

Here are work clothes again. These are items I have worn before individually, but possibly not together. I was all set to display yet another cream blouse from Vogue 7903 (with flash buttons) but spilt raspberries on it at breakfast. As a substitute, chosed for its ironed status, here is Simplicity 2501 again in the print version, with the brown 4-2009 Burda trousers. I am displaying my inability to plan my wardrobe according to what would look smart and different, rather than what is clean at 7.30 am. This is my usual wardrobe selection technique. You have probably worked this out by now.


I am on a t shirt marathon. I am rather bad at sewing knits, so the promised photographers fee is a scrappy t shirt sewn from not very nice cotton interlock.The faux undershirt is a remnant of the cotton-lyra stripe from my September 25 top.


This t shirt was useful for technique practice. I did not use a pattern, I put one of her already made Jalie t shirts over the fabric, traced around it, then chopped and hacked at the neckline. I foolishly failed to use my walking foot to attach the underlay . It was a rough job, and looks like it.

My photographer has accepted it as the first instalment of her fee. She said something about "small downpayment" that sounded faintly ominous.


Little Hunting Creek said...

I see we use the same wardrobe selection techniques

shams said...

lolol. Your photographer isn't going to miss a trick.

For me, it was so freeing to get a remote for my camera and to cut the teen units loose (who often aren't around anyway) from photographer duties. :)

Carolyn said...

"small downpayment" lol!
The T shirt looks lovely though, in spite of your misgivings. I think cutting around a Tshirt you already have is the best way to getting a perfect fitting top, and I do this a LOT too.
I use a remote control, like shams, and so can take all my own photos.