Thursday, 30 September 2010

T Shirt Marathon progress report

Interviewer: I hear that Kbenco has entered a t shirt marathon.


Coach: That's true, she had put in so much preparation for the BWOF 8-2010 t shirts, - dusting off the coverstitch, sharpening the blades on the overlocker, putting in new stretch needles, re-threading and tension adjusting, that she felt it was worth entering the t shirt marathon rather than keeping to her usual events.

Interviewer: You could not say she was a natural t shirt athlete. In fact some people would say that this marathon is really more of a training session. Is entry in this event related to Kbenco's recent revelation that she intends to master the coverstitch?


Coach: Kbenco has several reasons for entering the t shirt marathon. She is well aware of her knit technique deficits. Several of these have been displayed in the early part of the marathon.


However, Kbenco feels that the main point of being a hobby seamstress is to maintain her own interest and to expand her skill repetoire. Making her own clothes is a perk. Any teenager who feels that the main point of their mother being a hobby seamstress is to keep them provided with an endless stream of new clothes is completely wrong. This is definitely not why she entered the event. The t shirt marathon is an anomaly. I know she has done it before, but don't count on it as a regular event.

Interviewer: Is that why she has been completely distracted from the main event by adding smocking to the course?

Coach: Who told you that? Smocking! on t shirts! Is the woman crazy? She will never finish the marathon by doing this sort of thing.


Interviewer: That would seem likely.

Coach: I had better tell the girls to start saving up to actually buy clothes.

Interviewer: I don't think that will go down well. There is a certain impression that Kbenco is letting down the team.

Coach: Maybe the girls should start some of their own training. Unfortunately there has been a bit of resistance.

Interviewer: The outcome will be interesting.

(P.S. The last photo is what I am wearing this morning for the last day of SelfStitchedSeptember. I don't start work until 12, and cannot bear to show you another work outfit.)


Joy said...

I like the term "hobby seamstress" - even though I do a lot of it, I do it just for the satisfaction of it. While justifying it as very useful.

And yes, teach them to sew! It must run in their blood (:

And it's an excellent t-shirt line-up. I'm amazed that you came up with such variety.

katherine h said...

Is that smocking technique from the latest threds? I read that article but I couldn't quite get it. Maybe because I have not smocked before. Looks great on the tshirt.

Sharon said...

Love the interview and those t-shirts are fantastic especially the detail on the last one.

Anonymous said...

Four t-shirts in a day? I presume you also worked full-time yesterday? I am beginning to despise you.

Your former friend, Elizabeth

RuthieK said...

Oh lovely! I am guessing you are on holiday? And the rest of the family are bringing you food? The smocked one is fabulous!! And I am very taken with the lace top (as I have some kace knit and may well slavishly copy).

Gail said...

Well you beat me. I set off on my own T-shirt marathon this week. I have two completed and three Burda patterns traced. I love the smocked finish on the green tshirt - A for effort and A for design.

Janine said...

Your lace T-shirt is gorgeous - really love the sleeve finish.

sewing spots said...

Very inspiring post about working on our skills. Love all the shirts but especially the lace one and the smocked one!

Uta said...

Very funny! I wonder who will come out victorious, kbenco or "the girls"? Then again, it doesn't hurt to have something to bribe them with up your sleeve, even if it's sewing for them, right? The shirts are great, I love the lace overlay and the (folded?) borders on the brown, and the smocking on the green. Details? Tutorials?

Carol said...

I love that smocking detail! Very stylish

Handmade said...

WOW - you're a trooper.... two questions ... where do you get your fold over elastic from? and, can you tell me how you sharpen your overlocker blades? I'm tempted to but would like some guidance.