Saturday, 2 October 2010

Sewing in 1945

The other day my friend came over for coffee in a new dress (bought). Much to her dismay, she had noticed that the skirt was see through in the sun, and as she was about to spend the afternoon standing around outdoors, in company, I made her a petticoat. It was no big deal - a bit of batiste, fold over elastic, lace and 20 minutes. I should make one for myself :). I admit to feeling smug and clever - this self satisfied feeling is how otherwise sensible women can be persuaded to make 19 pirate costumes from polyester horridness by Tuesday, but I digress.....
Yesterday, my friend presented me with these magazines as a thank you.
They belonged to her mother, and I am to pick one to keep.
They are all very interesting, but this one still has some of the free pattern pieces inside.
I love the advertisements in the magazines. Truth in advertising had obviously not yet been imposed as a regulation. What I find most intruiging are the advertisements for items you cannot buy, such as this one,


If you can't read my photo, this says you can't buy Berlei underwear in the shops, because all the cotton fabric is being used to make tropical weight uniforms for the British Navy in the Pacific. Considering that the ANZACs in Africa were transferred to defend Singapore in winter wool uniforms, originally issued for Europe, (about 3 years earlier than the magazine date), this is of particular interest. Did we grow cotton ourselves at this point? Why provide it to the British rather than the ANZACs? See, even war history is permeated by fabric, clothing and sewing. I am not obsessed after all.
I am enjoying looking at the fashions. I wonder if this is truly a timeless dress, or if the appeal of this dress is due to 40's clothing being fashionable at the moment.

I might make a 40's apron this weekend instead of tracing my coat pattern.


KID, MD said...

Oooh, nice trade for a 20 minute petticoat!!

Handmade said...

What a great exchange - you have a lovely piece of history!

Suit Yourself Couture said...

It's nice when friends show appreciation for the friendship.

Carolyn said...

You are such a good friend to make a petticoat for someone in need. The pirate story sounds like one worth relating, what happened? Intriguing!
Thanks for your tip re posting fabric to oneself. This is a very good idea, why didn't I think of that? It is fun getting fabric in the mail!

Little Hunting Creek said...

What a good friend you are and what a wonderful thank you gift. I love old aprons and dresses. They seem so romantic somehow. Maybe more grown up.

Gail said...

Pick one, and photocopy the others. The choice would be too hard.