Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sewing for the beach

You may be expecting lots of swimming costume photos in this post, maybe a beach bag or two, a sarong or caftan - I did make some of those things before heading off to the beach for a week with my family, but unfortunately, what got the most wear was this,


(the rest of us have jackets too, but you have seen them already)

2004 Gortex rain jacket pattern Green Pepper Oregon jacket, lengthened and pocketed, size 10, on my 8 year old. (Originally his sister's, but don't tell anyone)

Some of the new swim wear got a work-out


The rashie (sun-protective rash vest) on the boy - everything else is last year's swimmers.



Did I tell you about making the spray skirt? Neoprene is easier to sew than you would think.

I had a lovely holiday, but there were no sewing machines for 7 days. Fortunately, there were some very subtle hints in the comments on the last post about writing a smocking tutorial, so I was able to start a new project with some handsmocking whilst I was away, with a good excuse. Tutorial later, I promise procrastinate. Thank you for the kind comments about the smocked t shirt. I am still blushing.

It continued to rain after we arrived home this morning, so instead of attending to my very weedy garden, I made a couple of un-smocked t shirts.



Jalie cross over t-shirt, 2787



and Burda magazine 02-2009-118, adapted to sleevelessness. They are both made from black cotton-lycra knit, decorated with purple coverstitching, because that was left over from the last project. Sewing obsession is not always pretty!


Anita (Summer Gypsy) said...

Too bad your beach vacation was so cold. But it looks like everyone had a great time. (and the tops are darling)

Karen said...

I would like to know more about how you sewed with the neoprene. Thanks for sharing your outdoor projects.

a little sewing on the side said...

gorgeous photos of the beach. Despite the weather, looks like fun was had. Those black tops with purple topstitching are just wonderful. They look entirely intentional and stylish.

Mary Nanna said...

Great job on the tees. I am looking at them and thinking, "I think I'm going to get myself a cover-stitch for xmas." I bet now that you are back from the beach you are having roasting weather. Last night was my first 'no covers' night of the summer. Like frosts in winter we have a few nights when even a sheet is too much. Fortunately only a handful in a summer, but this is very early in the piece for a sheetless night so I'm a bit worried. I truly do not know how I'd cope in your climate.

katherine h said...

That jacket is impressive. Definitely hand-me-down worthy.

Ruthie said...

The purple coverstitching is fun. Rain at the beach seems very English, I recall many summer holidays wearing all my waterproof gear! The red jacket is great, you pieces are so professional.

KID, MD said...

LOVE the purple stitching!! And I really like the sleeveless BWOF top. The sleeves on that one never really did it for me, but it looks great with them just omitted.

Gail said...

I'm heading to the beach next week. Its sunny now but wait for the rain to pour!

Handmade said...

Great pics - seems that rain is a constant at the moment - great black Tees!

Kylie said...

The shirts look reat - We are about to head north for Christmas and although I am dreaming of sunand sand I think that we will have more rain and storms. The kids are a little concerned that Santa will get wet boots and fur:)