Monday, 28 March 2011

Black sewing. Burda 4-2010-117 and 1976

Hello. Remember me? Would you like to hear about the burglary, the daughter knocked off her bike by a car, the trip to Wellington and the computer illness? No? I will reassure you that all is well that ends well, and get back to writing about sewing.
Here are a project or two that accurately represent the state of my sewing efforts lately.

You would not be able to detect from the NZ rugby player pose (only New Zealandish in particular because of the colour, dear friends across the ocean) that this shirt is a response to a plaintive and heart felt plea something along the lines of "You never make anything for me". Unfortunately, this is a fairly accurate statement. It is that Y chromosome and the restricted colour and style palate favoured by the conservative Australian rural male.
It may also be the curious reluctance of my sewing recipients to having their photograph taken. I am thinking of responding to requests for clothing with a written contract including a photography enthusiasm clause.
The pattern is from Burda 4-2010 (117? - the children's polo shirt which I cannot look up because I am writing this whilst not-at-home), from which issue I made 2 items this month, despite this being previously completely issue. There is a curiously satisfying feeling about using an older magazine for the first time. This may be due to incurable tightwadedness.
The fabric is cotton lycra knit. The size is the largest, 122cm, lengthened to size 128cm for my 128 cm high son. You might think the slim fit is due to this sizing change, but I assure you that my son actually has the girth of a 110cm Burda boy, and that the sizing for this pattern runs very, very slim. I am pleased that I was far too lazy to scale down the girth to his actual size-by-measurements (although to be fair, the fabric is thicker than your average t shirt). I drafted new, long sleeves, and I did add a little surreptitious purple.
I quite like this, and it passed the boy challenge. (Joy, do you see the non-birthday number, that is inspired by you, but not nearly so tidy. I was going for the slapdash look, and succeeded very nicely)
Here is more black sewing for the other bloke in the family.
This one is from a 1976 Knit Wit pattern that I have used several times before.
The exciting thing about this garment is the delicious rib knit merino fabric. Ice breaker, you make me look very clever. If only all man sewing was this easy. My husband, in an all time first, was a keen and enthusiastic shopper at Global Fabrics in Wellington, and selected several stash items for himself. I think it was because Global Fabrics looks rather more like a warehouse than the other fabric shops to which the poor fellow has been dragged. I must shop there more often.


Ruthie said...

Glad things worked out OK in the end despite the various happenings. The man sewing is commendable, and black works well on your DH, but the boy could use softer colours, I dare say he's not willing? Well done for sewing for the guys.

Sharon said...

I hope your daughter is okay and that you are having/had fun in Wellington (trip to Icebreaker, where is the envy button). Computers well that is another story that goes along with bloke sewing.

Handmade said...

Hope all is well on every front! But I am curious about the bike incident - was there a helmet involved? As I am lax in that dept - but I know I shouldn't be!! Anyway, that's an interesting photo of abounding enthusiasm from your Aussie male - good luck with that clause. But great work all round!

Mary Nanna said...

It sounds like you have had a very busy time of it!

Now if you should ever make it to Auckland I will take you out to Designer Textiles where you can get merino for tightwad prices.

Do you have much call for Merino where you live? I can well imagine there was an excellent supply in chilly Wellington.

Gail said...

Gosh, I thought I had good reasons to be distracted from sewing. Hope your daughter is ok. Bloke sewing is not that attractive to me. I admire the fact that you are generous enough to sew for husband and son.

KID, MD said...

Oh my! I hope all is well! Were burglars apprehended? That is so frightening!
Nice boy sewing - they're so troublesome.

Joy said...

My, sounds like you've had a rough time of it. I hope all is well now.

Yes, I like the rugged "8" and the placement fits well with the polo style shirt.

I haven't made too many Burda mag kids' patterns, but I've felt they tend to run narrow and sometimes even short. Ottobre is roomier; I narrow the patterns 2 sizes for my kids.

Carolyn said...

Glad to see you back, you were missed! And I'm envious of your merino shopping... I wonder if they do mail order?

The Slapdash Sewist said...

You are too kind! I don't sew for other people I doubly don't sew for other people who are male. I am amused by your son's "tough" face.

Sue said...

Sounds like you have had a rough few weeks! Good on you for the boy/man sewing. I have sewn a tee-shirt for one of my sons recently but didn't dare ask for a photo. I was just so impressed my 17yo would let me sew for him!