Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Multiple trousers BWOF 04-2009-118 and Jalie 2215 . How even TNTs can be exciting - not in a good way.

I have the best intentions with capsule and wardrobe sewing. Every so often, I decide to make a set number of garments that work together so that I have lots of outfits to wear. Usually I even sew a few of them.
This winter, I joined the Northern Hemisphere centric Summer 6 piece sew along at Stitchers Guild, running May to July. Naturally I ignored the Summer bit. I planned a capsule for work, as I seem to wear out these clothes with depressing frequency. I made a couple of blouses, a pair of dark olive trousers, knitted a cardigan and made a brown skirt that did not look good with the blouses, and I could only wear very occasionally to work anyway. 4 pieces, and a ring in, not too bad. Then my mother stole my cardigan. (It looked better on her) 3 pieces and a ring in. Only one month over the deadline I have I made another pair of trousers, dark brown wool, very thin (so I can wear them as it warms up) lined with cotton batiste, same pattern, same pocket as the dark olive pair made previously.

BWOF 04-2009-118 technical drawing, mine have devolved quite a bit

I might finish this capsule by our Summer. I am pretty sure I ame confusing capsule sewing with uniform sewing, but unfortunately, my work clothes are severely limited by what is practical for the tasks requried.
Worn here with a 2009 Vogue 7093 blouse (2009 SWAP). Rather repetive sewing I am afraid. However, sewing has excitements even when using the same pattern. This trouser pattern was last used for the world's most unflattering trouser jeans. I was quite nervous sewing this pair,in case they had the same strange crotch shortness and elephant leggedness of the denim pair, but they fit very nicely. The relief was considerable.

I have dragged my photographer to the park after work to add a little background variety to the photo shoot. Pity it was raining, and almost dark. Oh well.
Here is some more repetition, Jalie3 2215 yoga pants in Polartech powerdry.
These were quite exciting to sew though, mainly because there was an certain urgency in their construction.
It does not rain here much during winter. The school sports uniform, which in winter includes black tracksuit pants or similar, gets hung outside overnight to dry. This can be a problem. Some teenagers seem to think that wet yoga pants in the morning due to unusual overnight rain can be fixed by their mother sewing them a new pair before work. At least she made me a cup of tea. There is nothing like sewing induced adrenaline for waking you up! I hope you didn't miss my Supermum aura in the previous photograph, or maybe it has worn off by now.


Whilst we were at the park, it was very noisy, as the Rainbow lorikeets roost in the Bunya pines overnight, and were starting to return as the light faded. We can tell Spring is coming, some of those birds are sitting very close to each other.

(This tree is a jacaranda, not a Bunya Pine - the tails show up better without leaves in the tree)


Handmade said...

Yes - I could definitely see the Super Mum Aura!!! Great outfit and yoga pants - love the tree silhouettes too - bring on Spring!!!

katherine h said...

Nothing like a deadline to get you going! Supermum indeed!

Jane M said...

Oh, the challenge of capsule sewing. I've never completed one myself but I do credit the idea with "forcing" me to get some TNT patterns into my repertoire. Congrats on those yoga pants. They were terrific the first time around and even better at breakneck speed. Thanks also for the spring pics. Days are getting shorter here so it's lovely to see yours doing just the opposite.

shams said...

You ARE a supermom!! What a nice thing to do or were you just too sleepy to say no? :) Your trousers are nice, but I am curious, what is it you DO that wears clothing out so fast? It must be very physical. :)

Mary Beth said...

Isn't stretch Powerdry the BEST when you have to sew up quickly? You still get a Super Mom vote from me, tho. Glad your trousers turned out well this time, too. I'm always impressed by your work!

Carol said...

Your pants turned out really well and I am constantly amazed at how much you do. I agree, you are a a Super Mum!

Bernice said...

You've done a good job of both pair of pants. I'm not really familiar with the term 'capsule sewing'. I really must look that up. Nice shots of the park.

Sue said...

Both pants look great - there should be a 'Great Mum' medal for days like that!

Carolyn said...

Good onya, Supermum!
I am not familiar with capsule sewing as well. I'm more into random inspirational sewing... although I think I'm improving gradually.

sewing spots said...

Wow! Sewing up a pair of yoga pants first thing in the morning is amazing.

Love your new trousers. They look very good with the blouse--soft and feminine.

Gabrielle said...

Yes, evidently you are a supermum. The idea of being asked to sew a garment before work by a child made my blood pressure rise - I can imagine such a request in this house too, but I don't think I could do it.

Good on you for making practical work clothes. The trousers look good; I am trying to stir myself to make some work trousers too.

The lorikeets are cute the way they are cuddling up like that! I will have to look out for that kind of canoodling with our lorikeet locals too as I've never noticed it before :-)

Joy said...

Repetition, yoga, and romance all in the same post! I think supermom qualifies as the right word. Good thing it was wet yoga pants and not a wet coat!

As great of an idea as capsule sewing is, I now realize that outfit sewing (as in two things that match) is more realistic for me. Or I just sew lots of boring, plain basics that all happen to match anyway.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Yoga pants before school? You are supermom! Glad the trousers worked out after the jeans incident. I am also curious what you do for work that wears things out. I think I recall IT, which usually involves crawling around on the floor.

Gail said...

Great trousers and the blouse is very flattering. The old bandstand in the park is a treasure.