Sunday, 2 October 2011

Other people's creative work turned into clothes - t shirt overload

A few days ago I displayed a photo of post-creative mess. I spent today making clothes from the fabric painting/stamping/stencilling.
Here is my attempt at fabric embellishment. I think I have a winner here with my stamped and painted frog and embroidered insect combination (don't tell anyone I was covering up the smudges with my insects)- provided the judge is a 9 year old boy.
The pattern is BWOF 09-2008-144. If you have seen this pattern you would know that A. It is not a t shirt and B it is not for knits. Due to some strange oversight, I do not seem to possess a pattern for a boy's t shirt in size 9 year old . This astounds me, but 1 hour of research in my extensive collection did not turn up anything . The pattern is for a sort of woven "cossak shirt". I have shortened it, widened it and added a contrast colour to lengthen the sleeves and body due to earlier inadequacies in cutting out the piece for embellishment. I tried out the pattern first in a sleeveless version with the boy's fabric embellishment. He said he would like pyjama tops, sleeveless.

Done. No doubt it is good for me to practice using my coverstitch.

To be honest, I was not too worried about the above projects. My son would not be bothered if I wrecked his fabric stamping.
However, my younger daughter made some fabulous efforts, with which she was very pleased, and whilst making her t shirts, I was quite anxious that I not damage her work. This was much more nerve wracking than cutting out $45 per metre boucle.
Naturally, this meant that I cut a hole in her t shirt whilst trimming the neck binding. I should have looked a bit harder for the duck billed scissors.
Fortunately, it was on the less favoured t shirt, at the unembellished back, and I covered it up. She hates this, but tells me kindly that no -one will see my applique, as she will always wear this t shirt with her hair loose, to cover it up.
I think it is a pity that this will cover the nice back v neck of Ottobre 02-2011-1
I have made a size larger for her than last time, as this fabric is a cotton-lycra, rather than the extremely stretchy rayon/lycra I used previously. This was the first version where the back neck feature actually worked.

Here is her most favoured embellishment attempt. The sleeves of this t shirt are from Ottobre 02-2011-107, but the body is the same #1 as made previously. I love how the Ottobre sleeves are interchangable. You can't see here the bodies and antennae of the black butterflies, which are white sparkly puff paint. She had fun with this.

Next week, I plan to sew something for myself.


Gail said...

Love the frog stencil.

Anonymous said...

OK, I make that 5 T-shirts in a day. Your elves are back.

I like your daughter's butterfly T-shirt best. Good work all round!

shams said...

Really cute! That frog stencil is adorable and I love how you put the flower on the back of your daughters t.

Mary Nanna said...

wow - they look great - clearly a creative family. I like the back 'v' on the tee. I think Ottobre do casual wear so well. I am not particularly taken with the latest issue though, I tried to find something to make but so far I'm stumped. word verification is "deffeat" which is exactly how I feel about their winter edition this time round.

velosewer said...

these are all really cool looks.

Bernice said...

I'll have to go back and read your earlier post. Looks like you've all been having some serious holiday fun! We rip out the fabric paints in our house from time to time. They're always a bit of a hit.

Sue said...

The butterfly and frog tees are great. I love my duck-billed scissors and had a moment of a chill running down my spine when I see a hole like that - the unfairness of nearly finishing a project, then cutting a hole!

Handmade said...

They all look great - love those butterflies!

KID, MD said...

Too fabulous!! I love that it was a community effort. Way to go!

Carolyn said...

ohmygosh those gathered sleeves are totally lovely!! They look amazing... and how sweet of your daughter to think of such a marvellous solution to the applique debacle. Hair down... OK! Personally I would consider this a reversible Tshirt, that could be worn both ways depending if one was feeling elephant-y or flower-y that day...

Thankyou for you kind words, and I realised I neglected to answer your question, sorry. Last Fri was officially the last school day for yr 12's, but of course we now have 2 wks of school holidays, then the ones sitting for finals (including Sam) do go back for 2 wks of intensive work on problem areas, then 2 wks of mock exams, study leave, then the final exams. So they aren't actually "finished" finished until mid November (exactly when depends on the exam schedule and your individual subject choice) The the long wait until first post in January when they find out whether they got into their University course of choice...

Kyle said...

I enjoyed your cover-ups!! Very creative there. and also enjoyed your comment that it was more nerve wracking than cutting out the $45 a yard fabric!

The Slapdash Sewist said...

These are great! Your son is such a fierce model. Love it.

Miss Smith said...

Those are just gorgeous. I better not let my son see that t-shirt with the frog print or he will want one just like it!

Little Hunting Creek said...

Cute t shirts! Love the frogs and butterflies