Wednesday, 12 October 2011

psuedo BWOF 09-2008-143, another embellished t shirt

I sat down last night with the dubious dress from the last post, and thought quite hard about deepening the neckline, adding a stay, shortening the skirt and unpicking the waistband to add a new, contrast colour belt. I am very appreciative of this good advice, please don't think I took no notice, but I am a weak woman.
Thinking about doing it was rather exhausting, and lasted about 5 minutes. I put the dress in maybe later pile (AKA the wardrobe) and got out an elephant stamped piece of knit fabric instead.
It was much quicker than retrofitting, I'm sure :).


I embroidered around the elephant with stem stitch, varying between two and three strands for different emphasis, and left some thread ends for the tail.
Then I sewed it into a t shirt, using the boy's woven cossak shirt pattern from BWOF
09-2008 again, coverstitching at neck and hems in pale grey elephant colour thread. The fabric is a nice medium weight cotton/lycra knit.
Unfortunately the elephant had wandered a little off centre during the sewing process (I was rather tired). I added some flattened grass at the rear, and a little upstanding grass to the front to explain the wandering.

I am quite pleased with it, but the boy would not model the t shirt. I hope this means that he does not like modelling, rather than meaning he does not like the t shirt.


katherine h said...

I would like that t-shirt. I would have modelled it for you!

Carolyn said...

I don't know what you are talking about... that polka dot dress looked pretty good to me! Maybe just some different sandals? But I know what you mean about not instantly loving a dress, and especially if the fabric nor the pattern did not immediately excite you individually. The love may come.
The elephant Tshirt is pretty cute too

MushyWear said...

I love the t-shirt. It looks like it came from an expensive children's boutique!

Bernice said...

I have just caught up with your polka-dot dress. The first thing it reminded me of was the brown polka-dot dress Julie Robert wore in Pretty it can't be all bad. Everyone loves that dress!

Summer Flies said...

I love it! Looks very comfy and I love the detail of the grass! You are very clever. I have a home for it if young son doesn't like it ... just saying!

Kathy said...

Trust you to think of flattened grass! :) As always creative and entertaining.

Little Hunting Creek said...

That is so cute! I want one!

Gail said...

Cute elephant tshirt. Carolyn's right. Changing the shoes is a lot less effort than the dress!