Monday, 28 November 2011

Silly Santa Cycling Sewing

I felt as if there was a lot of sewing for this year's Cycling Christmas party (in November, how silly) but now that I look at the photographs it is pretty tame really. I was fantasizing about starting my leather jacket, which is rather impractical anyway.
I made some fabric envelopes and drawstring bags as wrapping for most of the gifts.
There is a gift exchange that is very silly. Each person brings a wrapped gift, and picks a number from a cycling helmet.
The recipient of the lowest number picks the first gift, then unwraps it. The holder of the next lowest number selects another gift, then decides whether they will keep the gift, or swap it for a gift someone else has already unwrapped. There is a lot of good natured carrying on about this.
Some of the cyclists have been mentioning every five minutes or so that they would like me to make them an under helmet head scarf like my husband's (modelled here by my daughter, who was making ninjabread men at the time). I have been successfully ignoring these hints, but thought it might generate some interest at the Silly Santa Session.
I was right.
However, I brought home one of my own cycling apron and tea towel sets :).
I think it will be Very Useful. Much better than the Suduko toilet paper roll ;)


shams said...

My sewing group plays that very same Greedy Gift Grab game at our annual holiday party. It's a hoot. :)

Summer Flies said...

I just went to a sewing club and they will do the same game next Saturday at their Christmas party ... I've never heard of it before and now it's everywhere! Nice practical gift .. I am making the same for my son's teacher but not cycling fabric.

liza jane said...

Ah yes, we call it a white elephant Christmas party. And someone always throws in something really awful to make it more interesting. Last year, one friend threw in an autographed picture of himself.

Gabrielle said...

I like your gifts! We're playing that game at work next week - I've never played it before, but I have been given sudoku toilet paper, which we have yet to use for anything.