Friday, 23 December 2011

Deadline December: Pyjama/Lounging shorts male versions

We are a bit late with our decorating. Here are some Christmas trees inspired by an article in Donna Hay. My daughter saw a birch branch construction in the magazine advertised at $399, and said. "We could make that". I wonder where she gets that from?
She and my son both made a mini Christmas tree from findings in the back yard (with a little help from my husband).
Aren't they clever? I wonder where we have put the rest of the decorations?
I kept busy and out of the way. Woodwork is not my thing.
I made pyjama/lounging shorts.
These are for my brother, and my husband.

The pattern is Kwik Sew 2022, which I found in an op shop, and the fabrics are quilting cotton, both from
I turned the waistband to the inside, as they are rather high waisted for current styling IMO.

Here are a couple of pairs of pj shorts for my son, made from remants of quilting cotton from some of his favourite out-grown shirts.
SAM_0222I used the children's pj pattern from Burda Style 11-2009, which is for a knit, and too small, but I added a bit of height and width and am hoping the elastic/drawstring waist with casing fixes any fitting issues.
I have tomorrow off work, which is delightful, but hopefully I have finished with all my deadline sewing, unless of course I fancy making myself a new dress for Christmas


Carol said...

Perfect gifts for blokes. I think you've outdone yourself this year.

Carolyn said...

Those Christmas trees are so cute. And is that a glimpse of your Christmas wrapping bags in the same picture? A very clever idea!

Jilly Be said...

I love those trees! We did practically no decorations this year, but I'm remembering this one as I prune the trees! Great man gifts too :)

Sharon said...

Perfect bloke gifts.

Marie said...

Love the Christmas trees. And the boxers/shorts are great. I found that Kwik Sew pattern in an op shop too.

Handmade said...

Great Christmas Trees! Great shorts - a bit of that happening here as well. Merry Christmas!