Saturday, 3 December 2011

Desperate December sewing

I am quite sure that I am addicted to sewing. This week has been horrendously busy, and my sewing has been very slight, but I managed to squeeze some in by neglecting other things of less importance, such as sleeping.
Last weekend, when I was muttering about despising the white buttons I had earmarked for my husband's cycling shirt, my daughter came to my rescue by donating the perfect grey/blue buttons from a RTW shirt that she had out-grown.
Naturally, the sight of this buttonless shirt in my sewing room provoked me to some activity, but unusually for alterations, it was not thrusting the object to the bottom of the nearest drawer. First I replaced the buttons, with sweet little pearlescent white shank buttons, which required stitching the buttonholes a little smaller. These are much more pretty than the grey ones now on my husband's shirt.
The original girl's shirt was a blouson style, cinched at the hips with a self fabric tie, now too short and a little snug at the hips.
I chopped off most of the sleeves, to make a cap sleeve, then used the sleeve fabric to insert a godet in each side seam.
Now it is a nice new blouse for work, to wear tucked in. I was very pleased with myself, and my daughter was equally pleased, as she is working full time in an office job until Christmas, and was getting rather bored with her clothes.

Next up, there was a kitchen issue. My son, in his yearly production of gingerbread men (and ninjabread men) to give to his classmates, discovered that his apron, made about 5 years ago, had mysteriously vanished, and that the adult sized aprons in the bottom drawer were rather too large for a 9 year old, being a tripping hazard.
He selected this fabric, liking the vegetables (he is a keen gardener), and requested extra large pockets for the storage of garden produce and eggs.
I made bellows pockets and have another token sewing project completed this week, and used up some 13 year old fabric in the process. Another winner.
Maybe I will have some real sewing time tomorrow.


Gabrielle said...

I absolutely love your daughter's shirt - the perfect little sleeves, the colour, the pintucks. I wonder what has happened to your son's old apron? A kitchen mystery? The homemeade ninjabread men is a great idea - I must ask my 7 yo if that appeals to him!

Mary said...

Cute shirt, and now she has more office wear :-) I love the apron, and always enjoy hearing about your kids.

marysews said...

... and yet, that Does count as sewing.

MushyWear said...

These kinds of projects are so satisfying. Nice job!

Janine said...

gosh and it wasnt even `not-for-me November sewing month `. I showed my husband the cycling shirt and now he has suggested I sew something similar for him ! thanks alot ! ( only joking ) . good save on your daughters shirt . Perhaps you could get your husband to model the shirt by suggesting it looks like he is getting man boobs
-this is something my husband is particularly sensitive about.

Carol said...

What a great save on the shirt. I really like it with the cap sleeves and I'm still chuckling about the ninjabread!

Gail said...

You did a great job recycling the blouse. It looks great on your daughter.

Carolyn said...

A gorgeous remake of a top that she didn't find inspiring anymore; well done! It looks a lot more hip now with the shorter sleeves.
And an adorable apron. I'm pretty impressed that you are teaching your son such good cooking habits. My two are just dreadful in the kitchen...

Sherry said...

Great shirt makeover! It looks really lovely on, I love a good cap sleeve.
Maybe my boy will show an interest if I start calling it ninjabread too!

velosewer said...

I agree. That does count as sewing.