Monday, 23 January 2012

Niece sewing in person. Simplicity 7225 dresses, Shams' Tablecloth skirt

Due to certain time management strategies that I fail to apply to my sewing, almost as soon as I had finished the leather jacket, there was a certain blogging interruption or two.
First some of my nieces visited. It was far too hot for leather jacket photos anyway....
We had no sewing plans, but during their visit, my daughter decided she would like to make a skirt. All the cousins decided they would like to sew too.
My daughter did not quite finish her skirt, but here is a shortened version of Sham's tablecloth skirt that I had ripped out the other day and sewed for my daughter instead of taking over the construction of a skirt she cut out from Burda, whilst I was sewing with my nieces, which may or may not have been her original plan for my afternoon.
Isn't Shams clever? I like the skirt just as much in this length but strongly suspect that teenager legs are rather an asset here, and am not in the least tempted to make a knee length one for myself.

Here is the niece sewing.
This is my delightful eldest niece, who is about to ask her mother to teach her to sew. She made the whole of this dress herself other than a touch of assistance in applying bias binding, despite having touched neither a sewing machine nor iron previously. I would like to draw your attention to her pattern matching at the bodice seam, which she arranged as if by instinct without any instruction from me. I was very impressed, and am waiting for some urgent instruction-seeking phone calls from my sister concerning the threading of the sewing machine or related matters.

Here are my equally delightful and slightly younger nieces.
One of these dresses was a team effort,
and the other dress had considerable design input to the point that a certain 6 year old is sure she made the thing entirely unassisted and spent half an hour on the phone to her Dad describing how she did it.I could hear the convinced "mmm" noises from here. One has a certain reputation to maintain as a sewing Auntie after all.
The next interruption was for a travel wardrobe. I am trying currently to disentangle sewing relevant photographs from holiday snaps, but am starting to think this is a lost cause. You may be getting both.


Carol said...

My oh my you are a brave and patient woman. I am totally impressed with everything about this post. Well done to all of you.

BetsyV said...

Fun dresses, Karen! Everyone looks like they had a wonderful time

shams said...

Wow, you are doing a great job passing on your skills to the next generation. These girls are doing a great job, under your tutelage!

And the short Tablecloth skirt looks great. :)

KID, MD said...

Fabulous dresses, especially for first timers! What a great Auntie you are! I like the short Tablecloth skirt, too, but I think my legs (not to mention my hips) may not be teenaged enough either.

Sharon said...

Such pretty dresses and I'm sure they are thrilled with their sewing achievements, you are a wonderful Aunt.

Mary Nanna said...

I wondered if silence meant bad news on the jacket front - glad to hear it's been finished successfully.

Nice sewing kids! Who knows where it will lead?

velosewer said...

The girls look adorable.

Audrey said...

Oh what fun! What with the wonderful time they had and beautiful garments they created, I am sure the girls will continue to sew. You are a marvelous sewing auntie!