Wednesday, 9 May 2012

SWAP slackness - the reveal

The Stitchers Guild SWAP (Sewing with a Plan) is a great idea, with a new twist each year. I didn't finish it this year, but am displaying my partial attempt. Photos were due yesterday, so I missed the boat completely, having not finished my planned sewing by last week, and failing to reconsider my options by including a previously sewn garment for number 11.
The rules, paraphrased - sew 11 garments from 7 categories, 4 categories must be used twice. Aim - tried and true pattern development and garments that appear to belong in the same wardrobe.
I made 10 garments, from 7 categories, and am missing the silk dress of doom that has been sitting on my dress form Geraldine since February 29, and suitable photos of my hiking trousers.

Leather Jacket, silk charmeuse lined Burda Style10-2009-126
Cotton Lace skirt with silk charmeuse underlining Burda Style 02-2011-107
Rayon knit t shirt with ruffle  cotton voile trim adapted from Burda Style 07-2010 2 layer t shirt
same skirt and top with merino gauze knit cardigan coat
Vogue 8728 lightweight silk poplin dress
Merino gauze knit cardigan coat Burda Style 03-2012-122
Rayon t shirt again
Merino knit cardigan coat again
with Denim trouser jeans with detail embroidery  BWOF 04-2009-118
Silk jersey t shirt  adapted from Burda Style 07-2010 2 layer t shirt
Silk-linen tweed skirt, lined with silk charmeuse, Burda Style 02-2011-107
same skirt with bib front blouse, cotton woven, from BWOF 01-2008-107/8
closer view of shirt so that bib frontedness is noticeable
Convertible hiking trousers from woven wicking polyester with starting point BWOF 04-2009-118
Silk jersey t shirt again adapted from Burda Style 07-2010 2 layer t shirt
Gortex rain jacket and son not part of the SWAP


Dress of doom

As a stand alone wardrobe, this is severely lacking in tops and blouses. However, as a sewing plan to develop a set of useful and co-ordinating patterns this was quite successful. As I already had a TNT t shirt, straight skirt and trouser pattern, I chose to concentrate on detail work for the skirts, embellishment for one of the t shirts and  for the jeans, expanding garment options for the convertible trousers, and to concentrate my fitting and new-to-me construction efforts for the leather jacket. I enjoyed using some of the luxurious fabrics that had been languishing in my stash, and feel that I have made garments that I will wear frequently in my everyday life.


velosewer said...

You've made a great set of clothes. Some of the pieces are to die for. The colours coordinate well together.

a little sewing said...

WOW! You did such a fabulous job. Let's face it, the leather jacket makes you a winner. Kudos!!

Mary Nanna said...

Is this the first outing of leather jacket? I wondered when it would appear. It looks very professional abd smart. How did you feel about sewing leather? I have no conscious when it comes to footwear or my dinner but I found sewing kangaroo leather bags to be decidedly disconcerting.

You've got some fabulous clothes there, much to enjoy.

I also have a dress of doom. It's that Ottobre Old school teacher one. It only needs sleeves but I feel so meh about it.

I have used this to my advantage though, and have developed a 'magic coat-hanger" mentality. This is the belief that if I leave it on the coat hanger so it can whisper its message to me it is serving some useful purpose (that message would be something like, "I"m not a wadder, I'm an opportunity to refine fit as a test garment) . While it is busy being useful in this way, I can carry on sewing something much more pleasurable.

See? No guilt. It's not a wadder, an UFO or an obstacle to sewing better things. It's a teacher.

KID, MD said...

You've made such beautiful garments! It's so great that you used luxurious fabrics and got them out of your stash. I need to take your example... Now, where is my silk?

Carolyn said...

You've done a fantastic job. I don't remember if you showed us the finishing details of the leather jacket, but that is a stand alone winner on its own. And I'm glad you are now thoroughly enjoying the de luxe fabrics in your stash.

katherine h said...

I was thinking that I must have msised the leather jacket post, but after reading the other comments, maybe not?

This is a great collection of garments. Looks like you have really defined your style. They look to be very versatile garments that you've styled together ot form some fab outfits.

SewRuthie said...

What lovely garments! And yes a pre made item would've allowed you to enter. D'oh.

MushyWear said...

Great pieces showcasing beautiful workmanship! You did a remarkable job with the SWAP.

Karin said...

Nice to know all those pretty clothes are being worn!

fabric epiphanies said...

Your leather jacket goes beautifully with the lace skirt. Probably not an obvious combination but you make it work fantastically!

Dilliander said...

What a great collection, and that leather jacket is certainly a winner :)

Sue said...

Every item in that collection is a winner and works so well with the others!

Carol said...

I love all of these garments. My SWAP is sadly lacking in tops, too, but I found during the sewing and planning stage that I have a lot of other fabrics that work so I think I'm just going to keep adding on to it. I'm super impressed with your jacket!

liza jane said...

Gosh, that leather jacket is just amazing. You made some incredible pieces!

Summer Flies said...

You have done such a wonderful job. That first photo is great. You look very Jessica Lange in it. The leather jacket is AMAZING! and I went close up on the skirt too - that is one nice hem!

Ruth said...

You still have a versatile and wonderful wardrobe. Good for you and what fabulous fabric you used

pdiddly said...

Wow what a great collection love all the pieces, especially the leather jacket - my sued is still waiting for me to be brave - it will be soon I hope.

Janine said...

Such a pity but gosh I wouldn`t call this at all slack ! Lovely wardrobe - your leather jacket looks great - some more close ups ?
Now I am off to find your French posts again because they contained all this useful info that I thought might come in handy one day - my husband is taking my middle DD there later this year - lucky people!

Sharon said...

Gorgeous garments, they all go so well together and I can imagine they will get worn a lot and such a bonus to use your luxurious fabrics.