Monday, 11 March 2013

Burda Style 10-2010-118 top and some knitting

Thank you for the kind comments regarding man trousers. I deeply appreciated the affirmation, as I was suffering from sewing exhaustion.
What a relief to get back to something simple, and with flowers!

My daughter came to visit on the weekend, which was very pleasant, and I made her a little top.

Burda style 10-10-118

This is Burda Style 10-2010-118 without any neck bow. The only adjustments for daughter the first are a slight squaring of the shoulders and a little off the side seams at the waist, which makes it a very quick project.


I finished the neck slash with a folded placket, rather than a facing, and bound the neck with a self fabric bias  strip that I extended to make a button loop. This is deliberately set so that the placket is a little open, like a v neck, as it looked too prim and proper fastened with no skin showing below the jewel neckline.

I like it with jeans,  but I think it will also work, tucked in, as a work top. The fabric is a metre of cotton print that I bought in 1998  to make her a little Australiana blouse (those are flannel flowers in the print and the fabric is exactly the colour of flannel flower leaves).

 I have some very long range sewing intentions, but it is lucky I can still get a blouse for her from a metre of fabric!


I have nothing more to say about this workhorse pattern, so I shall slip in a knitting digression.


This perfect layering piece cardigan is a free pattern by Linda Wiggins,available on Ravelry, Peggy Sue, and took only 5 x 50g balls of 8ply bamboo/wool yarn. I am very pleased with it. It is my first attempt at knitting a top-down cardigan.


I modified the pattern by adding short row shaping for a higher back neck, and added a little width to the centre back when it seemed a bit tight at this point. I also inadvertently added considerable length to the stocking stitch section when I misread the directions and knitted this for 8 and a bit inches instead of 9cm, but I think it still looks fine.

It took a month, which is pretty good for my knitting speed/time allocation.

Stashbusting statistics, 1 metre of fabric, some of my oldest stash cira 1998, but I am quite pleased that this fabric was made into a reasonable approximation of the garment for which it was originally intended ;).


Uta said...

That's a cute little top! I never noticed this pattern, probably because of the bow. You have a good strategy to keep your daughter coming for visits!

Carol said...

I love the top and the cardigan. I think it's the perfect style for this time of year. How are you with the water? I was home this weekend and my house is musty and damp.

kbenco said...

Thanks Carol, it is rather damp here too, we are still recovering from the second major flood - there are puddles and sogginess everywhere - good for sewing and the ducks ;)

pdiddly said...

cute top, I got all enthusiastic until I saw the date of the magazine and then sadly realised I didn't have this issue. sob sob

Gail said...

The matching button is a cute touch.

katherine h said...

Now that was great stash busting! I was too skimpy with the fabric I bought when my kids were little, so now the pieces are too small for anything on their own.

Will she expect a blouse every time she visits?

shams said...

That is a cute top but I especially love that cardigan! I love the cable detailing.

Summer Flies said...

I love that top and the fact that it is flannel flowers makes it even more adorable. I also love the little jumper - I wish I knew how to knit. One day!

Anonymous said...

Another great top.
I like the bias loop and placket neck treatment. I might just have to copy that.
And flannel flowers? Whats not to love?

liza jane said...

Pretty! I love how the button mimics the print.

Sue said...

Love the cute top - the fabric is divine and the cardigan. Thanks for pointing out this pattern.

K.Line said...

Great top and it's wonderful with the sweater. What an adorable pattern. And isn't it fun to knit top down!

Karin said...

Two lovely, ear able pieces for your daughter- lucky girl!
I've never tried top down knitting before. It would sure make it easy to get things just the right length!

Dixie said...

Very cute top and cardigan. I hope your daughter appreciates your work, because you did a great job with both pieces. Nice!

Sharon said...

Love flannel flowers and that top will go with so much. Cute cardigan as well.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

This is so lovely! What a nice use of the fabric.

Just read your man-sewing post. This has convinced me never to sew anything more than boxer shorts for my dude. You are a kind wife.

Gretchen said...

The top is adorable! I'm going to have to search my Burda stash for it and give it your treatment. And the sweater is gorgeous! I am not a knitter, so I have the utmost respect for your skills.