Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Burda Style 12-2009-115 trousers

Wool trousers are a little premature for the season around here, but I am very pleased with these anyway. Please appreciate the kindness of my daughter in modelling these on a hot day to keep her mother quiet happy.

Burda Style 12-2009-118 trousers

The pattern is from Burda, 12-2009-115 trousers, which have some very appealing details.

I love the curved seam across the back and side, so I topstitched it.  It doesn't show up so well in the photos, but in real life this detail can be noticed if you are admiring the trousers with the eyes of a sewing obsessed person.



I also like the inseam front yoke pockets, but in her previous pair (cotton twill, 2010, now worn out), these pockets tended to gape despite being supported with selvage in the seamlines. This time, I not only elongated the pocket bags to allow full engulfment of her mobile phone, but added a buttoning tab to keep the pockets securely fastened and hopefully gape-free. I also lengthened the waistband for an extended tab, so that I could put lots of pretty flowery pewter buttons on these serious grey wool work trousers.


The trousers are lined with cotton batiste. I used the outer pattern pieces for the lining, left over flannel flower cotton print for the waistband and fly, and forgot to photograph the inside before I handed over the trousers. The inside is rather neat, so I regret this oversight.

She really needs to wear a belt with these (do Uni students eat properly? This one seems a little skinnier), so it is just as well there are belt loops.

Due to my excellent planning, these trousers co-ordinate beautifully with her flannel flower blouse and navy bamboo cardigan from the post after her visit home. I might get a SWAP done after all.


The March Stashbusting challenge is to make something for the upcoming season. These qualify, with1.5 m of lovely wide wool from Michael's fabrics, 2011, and about 2m of not-very-wide cotton batiste, 2009.


katherine h said...

There are some lovely details on these trousers.

Janine said...

Well your daughter looks pretty cool to me. They have interesting seaming details and are fitted so well.

Bernice said...

Cute outfit. They look lovely worn with the top and cardy.

Meigan said...

The details on this pattern are great! I love that curved seam across the back. It looks very nice on your slim model :)

Summer Flies said...

I love the seams on the back and I can see them. The whole outfit is pretty nice.

pdiddly said...

these are truly lovely and the seams striking. beautifully made too.

Suzy said...

Great fit and I love the seam details on the pants, how unusual to have a curved yoke seam like that and to have it wrap around to the side seams, I really like it.

Sharon said...

Lovely trousers that of course was deliberately made to match for the extended wardrobe.

MushyWear said...

Fantastic fit! Love the curved seam detail too!

Gail said...

Great fit. Your daughter has nailed the Burda mag pose!

Carolyn said...

Beautiful work. I love the details; the curved back seam is lovely and the pocket tabs are cute.