Sunday, 12 May 2013

Burda Style 10-2010-119 blouse again, the clinical wardrobe

I finished making an 11 piece, 2 capsule wardrobe for the SWAP (sewing with a plan) challenge at Stitchers Guild a few weeks ago. Fortunately for my distance sewing, there was an extended deadline for the phototaking. My daughter is home this weekend and has spent most of her time in front of the camera. I hope this is offset by the pleasantness of sleeping in her own bed and eating home cooked food ;)


 Here is the last SWAP piece, a blouse for my daughter to wear to work or clinical sessions at University. I have used Burda Style 10-2010-119 for a second time in the SWAP - this is the fourth version between 2 daughters. It is an excellent  blouse, being very quick to sew, but crisp and professional in appearance.


As I did last time, I have finished the front opening with a placket, instead of a flippy facing, and extended the neck line bias binding to make a button loop. The bias scarf collar is hand hemmed (train trip entertainment,1 hour and 45 minutes of hand hemming) and hand sewn to the back neckline, which are the only lengthy procedures in the blouse construction. Burda has a raw edged scarf collar in their boucle top version, but I prefer this clean finish.


I have made a square shoulder adjustment, but in this version of the blouse, the sleeve head looks a smidgeon high. I am blaming this on the crispness of the shirting cotton, as in the softer cotton version, cut out with exactly the same adjusted pattern, the sleeve head looks spot on.


I am looking forward to seeing all the SWAP wardrobes. 

Stashbusting  1.5m of shirting cotton, 2011 Michaels Fabrics


Marie said...

Your daughter looks so grown up and smart. I am sure I have said it before but you are a wonderful mother still sewing for your children.

The blouse looks great - just right for your daughter's prac/work.

Vicki said...

Cute shirt

Sharon said...

Gorgeous blouse and looking forward to seeing your daughters SWAP.

Kyle said...

OMG! I want that shirt!!!!

a little sewing said...

That's a very cute shirt and your daughter is chic!

fabric epiphanies said...

The blouse is a lovely work appropriate blouse. She looks really pleased with it!

MushyWear said...

Love that blouse! Your daughter looks very professional indeed!

Anonymous said...

And the best dressed in Brisbane award goes to... Miss Kbenco!

What a lovely wardrobe, it's a great way to start your university career.

Does she have a little machine/sewing skills or is she relying on you at this point?

Janine said...

I will be reading all of these posts quite carefully for next year . My eldest daughter will be studying medicine next year and will need a different wardrobe to what she has now.