Saturday, 25 May 2013

Burda Style tops 10-2012-118 and 10-2012-114, Wardrobe Sewing

Thank you for the kind comments about the SWAP for my daughter. At the tail end of making that two capsule collection, I have also been making a wardrobe capsule for myself, inspired by my new favourite skirt, the red denim Biegnet via Paola. I am finding it fairly tricky.

I am using EJVC's "summer" 6PAC  (now running at the USA based Stitcher's Guild as a sewalong) as my basis for this  subtropical autumn/winter capsule.

EJVC's plan is:
1 a jacket or cardigan that will set the tone for the whole collection - in neutral
2 a pair of trousers or shorts or a skirt in the same neutral (but not necessarily EXACTLY the same -- can vary in shade or texture)
3 another bottom in the second colour
4 an underlayer top in the neutral
5 an underlayer top in the colour
6 an overlayer top in a linking print or in the colour 

As I must regretfully admit that I would not feel at all comfortable in a pair of red trousers, this being EJVC's excellent criteria for chosing a neutral, I have probably started with item 3 - another bottom in the second colour, and am considering this latest  top as number 5, as it is nearly red,
After this latest top, I am thinking that picking red for a second colour, which according to the plan should be chosen as if it could be a "neutral" was not a good idea for my personal style, which tends more to the understated and un-noticeable. This style could also be called dowdy and boring, so I am wary of my natural tendencies to tree and dirt colours  ;).

 The top pattern is Burda Style 10-2012-118A, I had previously made the dress version, so I was too lazy to check the adjustments did not have to do too much adjusting (this is probably why it is slightly too tight across the bust, sigh). I cut the sleeves on the bias for ease of wear, but shorter than the pattern, due to fabric limitations. 

I did make earlier a purely red t shirt from Burda 10-2012-114, just to see if I could bear it as an outfit with the red skirt but it was far too post box (these are red in Australia)  for me to wear in real life, although the teenage fashion panel think it could work with a contrasting jacket, scarf and stockings.

 Instead I wear it with my printed denim skirt, but this is not a  t shirt pattern I will be making again unless I get rid of the stomach ruching which I find unflattering.


So now the problem is, from what neutral should I make the cardigan/jacket and other skirt?
What earthy neutral looks good with red and can be worn as trousers? I may need to abandon the plan.

Stashbusting statistics 1.3m rayon charmeuse, The Fabric Store, Surrey Hills 2009 - strangely, the fabric I used for the dress version of the pattern was from the same purchase. Maybe I just have a 3-4 year maturing rate in my stash?
+1m of cotton with lycra jersey, Stretchtex, 2012, which contradicts my maturing rate theory.


fabric epiphanies said...

Beige or navy blue!

I really like your new skirt and the cowl top looks lovely with it. I have been referring to your very classy dress version as style inspiration for my own current project!

Summer Flies said...

Oh,I think the same - but I like a bone rather than beige or navy. I like the cowl top and don't mind the other one but I wouldn't tuck it in. (Personal choice as I look 2 feet shorter when I do)

Vicki said...

What about stone? Or denim? Or brown? Time for a capsule for yourself.

Paola said...

Great to see the Beignet has inspired another great looking wardrobe!

Jilly Be said...

I'm impressed that anyone finishes one of these SWAPs, and you're really going to town with multiples!

I like a stone color too :)

Little Hunting Creek said...

Olive looks good with red. So does pale blue. Love your beignet skirt

Mary said...

Love this look on you, and I second the comment from Summer Flies...leave that tee untucked and let the ruching be there. I am slowly working on my 6pac but I seem to be stymied by the same Q. What color for the 2nd neutral? For you, I vote a grey stone color.

KellysUp to Something said...

Khaki or tan! Both look great with red.

Sharon said...

Definitely brown with that lovely red but you would expect me to say that! Your 6PAC has started and love the skirt and patterned top!

Sue said...

My vote is with brown too - love that skirt still and you tops are great.

Joy said...

Even more SWAP, hehe!

I quite like the tops and the red beignet. Brown is nice with red - I think that's a somewhat neglected neutral!

Marie said...

I think stone or brown would work. Love ths cowl top and skirt. They work well together.

Diana said...

I vote for brown which I too, love and would look great on you. Your capsule pieces are lovely. I love the ruched top.

Steph A said...

I agree with the brown, a rich dark chocolatey colour! Oddly enough, without realizing it, I've accumulated several pieces of brown over the last year! Oh, I wonder how a grey would look? I can't tell what the other colour is in your cowl top (which is lovely).

And I have to say it again, I Absolutely LOVE, LOVE your red beignet! You have inspired me to give it another go!

Anonymous said...

Weeeel, since you are extremely kindly following my 6PAC guidelines it would be churlish not to comment.

Although you suit more autumnal shades, I think you have similar colouring to me, which doesn't take well to too many strong colours at once. So I might suggest a tweedy olive or tan for a jacket (I would take a tweedy navy or stone to suit the cooler shades). The jacket could also be one of your fabulous knitted creations. Then you could make the trousers in a plainer olive. You could also look at the cowlneck and use it as your print link -- I can't really see it but perhaps it has some green or tan in it?

The Slapdash Sewist said...

Red is a fab neutral. It looks great on you! Love the skirt.

That top is definitely a different strokes thing--I love it *for* its ruching, lol. I made one a couple months ago for winter and I'm going to need one for summer.

Vanessa said...

Wow,such a wonderful outfit...I really like your blog.^^
Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
Let me know follow you then back.
Lovely greets Nessa

Carolyn said...

I think your favoured tree and earthy tones, with rusty red as an accent colour, sound absolutely gorgeous together, and very much my favourite autumnal colour scheme too ;) SWAP sounds like such an eminently sensible thing to do, which is probably why I fail at it. I should follow your excellent example...

Tia Dia said...

Congrats on the stashbusting, and I love the reds! I personally like that ruched CF seam on the top - it disguises a lot on me! Great start on another SWAP!