Sunday, 7 July 2013

BurdaStyle 01-2012-107 Short warm coat, unfluffified

I am thoroughly enjoying having my older daughter home for mid year break. However, she came home on the train, with a small bag containing too many textbooks and about 1/3 of her meagre winter wardrobe, and has found these garments quite inadequate for the overnight Winter temperatures in this more inland location.


Fortunately, I just happened to have a sudden urge to use up some of  the Shetland wool that I lightly fulled in the washing machine last year after being inspired by this thread at Stitcher's Guild.(I thought I might get a "boiled wool" fabric, but my fulling only gave me a light shrinkage and slight stretchiness - the fabric still frays a lot)

After some pleasant mutual perusal of my Burda collection, BurdaStyle 01-2012-107 looked like a contender. We both loved the frivolous ruffle collar and my daughter really fancied the oversized pockets.

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After I had constructed the main body of the coat, and lined it. I was somehow convinced to let her wear it to work one very cold morning, even though it wasn't finished. (It looked much better with her work clothes than her purple polar fleece hoodie, which she offered as an alternative) 


She received several compliments on her outfit, which may be why she rejected all the trimmings there were still to be put on. Here they are pinned to the coat - and I think she is right. In this fabric, the coat looks much better plain


. I am still suffering slightly from regret at the length of time it took to fray all the edges of the ruffles - AGES!

Sewing details: The coat was incredibly easy to sew, about as difficult as a bathrobe, which is not very surprising, as the long version of this pattern, 108, actually is a bathrobe. There are shoulder darts, and shaping in the side and central back seams. The coat is fully lined using the bagging method for construction.  (I used ancient mystery synthetic fabric, probably poly charmeuse)


There is no tailoring, and interfacing only in the front and neck facings, although I did add selvage reinforcing to the shoulder seams and neckline.  This lack of infrastructure means it probably won't stand up to much wear - but as our cold Winter weather doesn't last long, this suits us perfectly, and makes the coat very soft and comfortable to wear. My daughter decided not to have the coat overlap for buttonholes, although there is room for this, and did not like the coat with a belt as shown in the magazine. Instead she picked a pair of ornate buttons from my collection, sewed both on, and fastens them with a hair elastic!

Stashbusting statistics: 2m of Shetland wool FabriMart 2012 and about 1.5 m of poly charmeuse, deep stash, pre 2000


Uta said...

Sneaky bathrobe wearing at work? I'm all for it :-) ! It looks very pretty and comfortable, and I love the whole work outfit.

katherine h said...

Actually, I like the version with ruffles better...looks both more fun and more snuggly! Is there a way you can do removable ruffles? That way, your fraying will not be in vain.

Sharon said...

I like the plainer version it will go to lots of places and love how your daughter fastens it.

shams said...

I also like the plainer version, though I expected to like the fluffier version. :)

Carolyn said...

I really like the plainer version too, both your instincts were spot on. Looks very modern and warm too :)

Gail said...

I think the coat is better without the frill - and not really right for a first year student.

liza jane said...

I agree with Katherine. I really like the ruffle! And the big pockets. Would be fun to have a removable ruffle.

kbenco said...

Being a complete patsy, I offered to make a removable ruffle, but this was also rejected. I am allowed to make a frilly pink scarf though, a knitted one ;)

The Slapdash Sewist said...

You are a kind mom! I hope you can find another use for the ruffled fabric. Maybe a print sweater with a big warm collar?

velosewer said...

Your daughter made the right edits. Those pockets would have swallowed the poor thing.
You've done a great job again.

Jilly Be said...

I liked the cleaner lines....until I saw the ruffles! Not being much of a ruffle gal myself, I'm surprised that I like them so much! Either way, she has a great looking coat :)