Sunday, 14 July 2013

Lazy sewing, loungewear, Jalie 2215 and Burda Style 01-2013-119

Is there any sewing more lazy than sewing knit garments you have already traced out?
I have spent a very lazy sewing weekend sewing lazing about clothing for my teenage fashion panel. They are suitably grateful, and even pretended that these are clothes for yoga. Ha!
Lounging about on the couch reading their Kindles is more likely. Books are so passe!


The tops are variations on Burda Style 01-2013-119. You might remember that I made this previously for daughter-the-first with the Burda extravagance of silk frou-frou at the neckline, that gave me considerable trouble and retrofitting.

Here, I have sewn a rolled edge binding at the neck (thanks, Hen) which is terrifically easy, and looks nicely organic, if I do say so myself.
ETA Shams has pointed out that this technique was actually posted about a year earlier by herself. Hen, in her comprehensive post of several different neckline finishes to which I refer regularly, did attribute this neckline to Shams (tutorial here), and I am sorry to have neglected to pass on the attribution. I greatly admire Sham's work and her frequent posts about interesting and innovative additions to garments.My only excuse is that I saw the neckline in real life on Hen, so I went looking for the instructions on her blog first.

For the hemming, one has a rolled edge (sneaky excuse for non finishing if you ask me) and one is hemmed with a coverstitch.

The ruched sleeves add some much needed oomph to this lounging garment. You could go the the mailbox in these and not look entirely as if you were wearing jammies.


Underneath, we have the Tried and True Jalie 2215 yoga pants. Here we have repeats 5 and 6 of the same pattern this year. Number 4, I must admit, whilst intended for daughter the first, now belong to daughter the second, due to a certain lack of stretch in the polartech 100 wicking fabric for which I had not allowed there are actually 3 new pairs between them, not the two pictured). Nevertheless, this fabric makes very sleek and comfortable yoga pants.
You could even do yoga in them instead of lounging on the couch.


See the waistband? This is my very own addition. On the the left you can see it worn upright, eg: in a yoga class where one might prefer not to display one's belly, and on the right it is worn turned down, eg: whilst going for a run in rather cold weather, and finding half way through that it is warmer than one thought. The waistband is made from cotton-lycra knit (Stretchtex) and is attached so that there are no raw edges for chafing.

Aren't these gorgeous garments on slim teenagers. If only I looked this good in my lounge around clothes, I might actually display them on the blog......

Stashbusting statistics: Approximately 2.4m of polartech 100, oops 2013, not stashbusting at all, but approximately 3m of cotton lycra knit, Stretchtex 2012.

The socks on the left are handknitted. Not by the teenage fashion panel. To answer Carolyn, I have been knitting socks constantly for the past 6 years or so. Socks are addictive, be warned.


Carolyn said...

I love the ruched sleeves, very cool.
aha! about the socks! They are kind of addictive, aren't they? I had to make myself stop after about a dozen pairs. Everyone in my real life thinks I'm bonkers for knitting socks so I'm glad I'm amongst friends in blogworld :)

shams said...

Very nice! Your teens look comfy and relaxed! I thought, oh, that neckline looks like a variation I've posted. So I went to Hen's page, and it is mine. ;)

pdiddly said...

these look great - I am with you on the wish to look as slim as a teenager

Judith said...

Your beautiful girls look very relaxed in these great cool lounging outfits! Love the band finish, and the neckline...J

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am amused by their obliging tree poses. The sleeves are so luxurious!

katherine h said...

These look most comfy. The most useful sort of sewing.

Mary said...

These are terrific-I love sewing knits and am always inspired by your exercise and loungewear garments. Thanks for all the detial, which I will surely copy someday :-)

Joy said...

Yes, they are loungewear, but they have such nice details! Contrary to popular sentiment, knits are truly gratifying to whip up - especially loungewear since it tends to get the most use.

Scruffybadger said...

I love the details - the necks and the ruched sleeves make them super pretty and special. Lucky daughters!!

Sharon said...

Very smart loungewear and love the detail of the ruching on tops and the great waistband on the pants.

velosewer said...

Lovely yoga poses girls.
The ruching is a great finish. I like the neckline finishes too.