Sunday, 27 October 2013

Burda World of Fashion 09-2007-101 blouse x3

A few months ago, I expressed my covetousness for a blouse made by the Slapdash Sewist, and bemoaned my difficulties in accessing the pattern.

Such kind people read my blog - a very generous reader in country Victoria  (my reason for not naming names is that this lovely lady does not seem to have an internet presence, so I don't want to give her one she might not want) offered to lend her issue of the magazine to me, and I have made very good use of her pattern. Thank you!

On receiving the magazine, I was rather surprized to see that this was a pattern for fine jersey knits, the Slapdash Seamstress  having aroused my obsession interest in this pattern with a stunning number in rayon challis.
Being a person who plays by the rules with my sewing (mostly), first I obediently made this up in a rather nice silk jersey in cream.(Fabric from Greenfields, Surry Hills).


I added a cuff instead of Burda's elastic gathering, as I didn't fancy floaty bits over my hands.
It is so nice to wear, and looks terrific with everything - according to me, if not this photo, in which there are odd wrinkles.
However, I really wanted a silk chiffon version, so I sewed up version 2 in a silk/cotton batiste to check out the properties of this pattern in a woven.


 (This progression makes sense to me, if not to anyone else....) (Fabric from I left the sleeve hems floaty, as per Treena's version rather than adding a cuff or elastic per Burda.
I had horrible trouble with the armscyes. They felt nastily restrictive, despite retrofitting depth changes in this region. (All seams are french, which may have been a mistake)
However, when I behave in a ladylike manner, doing such polite things such as attending a relative visiting lunch (the occasion for this outfit) the blouse is perfectly comfortable, and I can even drive it in - but not hang out the washing, which seems to be a requirement for every outfit I own :).
Version 3 was still not silk chiffon. I needed a comfortable yet somewhat smart blouse for attendance at a conference in chilly Spring temperatures in Melbourne, so brought out a Liberty print silk crepe de chine (Fabric from Goldhawk Rd, London).


 I love this fabric, and was greatly relieved to find that when I added a bit of width to the front bodice, and deepened the armscye a bit futher, the blouse was beautifully comfortable, despite continuing with french seams. As an added bonus, it also dried within 3 hours after being handwashed in a hotel bathroom sink with shampoo and hung up over the shower.

This is such a practical and quick to sew garment. I wonder if anyone will notice if I make a few more. I don't have a silk chiffon one yet!

Stashbusting statistics, 6m of fabrics dating from 2009-1012


Vicki said...

I have only made this once - in a silk jersey. Unfortunately something has been eating some holes in it. Time to make another. I like your three versions. A very nice pattern.

Little Hunting Creek said...

So pretty! I'd be tempted to make ten of them.

Jennifer C said...

Beautiful blouses! Is silk jersey difficult to work with and care for?

Anonymous said...

Love them all! Thanks for pointing out this pattern, it's got a great fit.

I might follow your lead if I ever get back into the sewing room. The kitchen has taken all my time lately. Oh, and sewing reference purchasing...:)

liza jane said...

I love the progression. You'll get your silk chiffon version soon, I'm sure! I like the silk jersey version the best. Looks so luxurious.

Anonymous said...

oMG I've had this traced out for three years now and not done anything with it. Totally need to get back to that-I mean you traced it what, 5 mintutes ago and you've made three with more to come! Seriously though the first one is my favourite. Very elegant.

Anonymous said...

This is a great pattern. I have a jersey version of this that I still wear all the time ( I made this one up shortly after the issue came out). All of yours look great. Now I need to use this pattern again!

opportunityknits said...

The silk jersey version looks so luxe! And yes, I think it will look great in chiffon too.

fabric epiphanies said...

I have wanted to make this style of blouse. Your lovely versions have pushed mine further up the list.

Sharon said...

Gorgeous blouses and now I need to find my issue!

Sew, Jean Margaret said...

What a beautiful blouse pattern. I love all three of yours, but particularly the first one.

EmSewCrazy said...

So pretty!! What lovely tops. I really like this pattern as well!

Joy said...

All three are gorgeous; I think they're different enough, you could stand a few more!

Mary Nanna said...

I can see why you fell for the pattern it's really lovely - it harks from a gentler time in Burda's history when the designs were less high fashion, more accessible to the average woman. Stash busting statistics are impressive. I really love the knit one you made as the drape is just divine.

Gail said...

The blouse is you - so flattering and stylish. I'm going to dig out this pattern as I have light jerseys in search of a good design.

Sue said...

Perfect wardrobe builder. All 3 look very different and I am sure you can find more room in your wardrobe for more versions.

jacquianne said...

Beautiful blouses and a few more will look just as good and nobody will guess as the fabric in each gives an individual look.

The Slapdash Sewist said...

I am honored to have been your inspiration! Your blouses are gorgeous. I am so jealous of that Liberty one--it definitely surpasses mine.