Thursday, 8 May 2014

Burda Trouser repeat - 02-2013-130

I just got the May Burda today, and there are these awesome wide legged trousers with a front pleat that I rather fancy for my (tall) daughter.


However, I think I just finished them last weekend, from the February issue.

technical drawings from

Well, maybe not, but possibly the February 2013 trousers are wide enough for a pair to wear to work.


I have used this pattern before, so these new trousers were quite quick to make, and due to using both the same pattern and a co-ordinating fabric, these trousers fit into last years' SWAP (sewing with a plan), which gives me a feeling of virtue out of proportion to the effort I have put into this year's challenge (you may notice I do not have a 2014  SWAP to show you at all)
Here is the clinical section of the 2013 SWAP so you can see what I am going on about.


The outer fabric of the new trousers is tropical wool from Michael's Fabrics (?2011 - in a bundle, anyway), in a subtle plaid with grey main colour and I have lined them with imperial batiste.
The inner pocket bags are from silk charmeuse for a touch of luxury, which every girl needs in her work clothes.
Once again, I have added selvage to the pocket opening edge, for anti bagging properties, and moved the zip to centre back.



There are a few more items in the pipeline to expand this work wardrobe.

stashbusting statistics, 2.2 m wool and 2.8 m batiste - 2011 or earlier.


Kristy Chan said...

These look great on your daughter - I wish I was tall enough to carry off this look! Great design for stashbusting too....

Sharon said...

Great looking trousers and another one wishing she was taller.