Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Pseudo Sewing

My sewing machine sometimes has to earn its keep with a dutiful task.
I am trying to improve my attitude about this.


These amusingly colourful chairs are a necessity project that improves the appearance and function of my back verandah and saves me a packet (which I can then spend on vital sewing supplies for my inadequate hoard - or apply to the mortgage, hmm).

The fabric this time is Sunbrella (my new improved attitude still wants to put off the inevitable repetition of this project for as long as possible). This allegedly sun and mould resistant product is shockingly costly in Australia, so I imported mine from Fabric.Com at approximately 1/3 of the fabric price including shipping. I bought the super resistant version and poly thread for marine use. I am expecting longevity now!

I now see though, that there is an Australian online source with some Sunbrella at low prices which did not appear on my internet search a few months ago when I bought this fabric. FabricTraders. Has anyone used this company? It sounds promising for next time.

I did not buy myself too many fabric presents at the same time as my Fabric.Com order...(mostly voile for lining, really, not even interesting)

I used the plain with the stripe for variety and also to reduce the cost. Plain colours are much less costly than stripes. There were no issues with the construction - I just traced off an old cover, added some bias bits to finish curves and presto, new chairs.
My next project is also upholstery. I am really saving up some sewing brownie points here.


BeaJay said...

Great seat covers. Love the bright colours.

Dilliander said...

They look lovely and knowing they are durable hoping you can enjoy them too :) your halo is well polished lol

becki-c said...

I know, that dec stuff is no fun. But it saves so much money that you could apply to more fabric purchases!

They will be so fun to sit in the summer, nice sunshine BTW!
Now you can move on to something more sew-worthy.

Sharon said...

Love the colours of the chair covers, well done!

Rosi said...

These chairs look great! But I'm with you - I hate sewing home decor stuff. I'm currently sewing couch cushion covers at the moment and it is such a chore. But the end product is great. Why is it so hard to sew though?

Lynn Barnes said...

Oh, sewing straight lines, over and over and over ... ZZZZZzzzzzz ... snort. Not my favorite activity, but the best way to actually save money when sewing for oneself. I like the colors you chose.

Glen Raven, NC -- where Sunbrella was born and is woven -- is only a few miles down the road from where I live. Sunbrella by the yard is shockingly expensive here, too. Although perhaps not as shocking as in Australia.