Monday, 4 May 2015

Tiramisu Two

I told you what a lovely surprise my last Tiramisu was to me, but I hadn't worn it much over Summer, as although the fabrics are light, with 2 layers, even silk/hemp and light as air rayon knit are too hot to wear in the subtropics from about mid October to mid April.
However, over the past few weeks, my very small transseasonal wardrobe has meant the last Tiramisu has been in high rotation. A dress is so easy to co-ordinate (you can tell I am not a fashionista, how sad).

Naturally, this discovery lead me straight back to my knit stash, and I have sewn myself another version of this frock.
Unfortunately, I had to wrestle a bit with the fabric. This particular rayon knit, although thicker in heft than the last type, has quite remarkable stretch. So much so, that although I used all my fitting adjustments from the last attempt, the waistband originally started at my 8th rib and finished at my hips. Dowdy indeed. I considered shortening it, but having carefully sewn lingerie elastic into all the horizontal seams, (for details of construction see the last post about Tiramisu), I could not bear to do it again, so just chopped off the lower seam, elastic and all, and folded over the waistband piece to sew the skirt directly to the upper bodice, with the waistband folded over the top of the skirt to act as a sort of belt addition. Very lazy, but I quite like the empire waist effect.
I wore this to work today, to do paperwork whilst hidden in a back office. It was very comfortable, and has held up well (photos taken at the end of the day), but in retrospect it looks a bit casual for the office to me, even a hidden away one where only staff would see me. I have to keep them suitably impressed ;). Maybe if I dressed it up with boots and a jacket - wait, that would mean Winter!
Currently, I plan to make another version in merino knit before the weather cools down sufficiently for me to wear a wool dress. I think it would look less casual in a solid.

Stashbusting statistics about 2m of rayon knit, 2013


Sewingelle said...

This pattern really has stood the test of time. What is it about florals and full skirts that is not corporate and why does corporate need to mean solids? These are questions I ask myself too, whilst sticking to these rules, at least half of the time.

Summer Flies said...

I don't think the dress looks too casual for the office at all, I think it is very smart. I think the shoes make it look more casual and boots and tights would make it more corporate but yes, would it mean winter too (boo - not that we have winter here yet). I like the modification.

Sharon said...

I also don't think your new dress looks too casual, it is the shoes and no jewelry (in my books) that make it look casual.

It will work well for all types of settings depending on the shoes.

Interesting how much the fabric grew and great idea to chop it off.

Kate Davies said...

I agree with the others that the dress itself is quite office appropriate as well as being really nice. The darker colour and pattern mean it settles in well in a corporate environment but it may need tights, shoes and accessories. Ideal summer to winter wear. And I think this pattern really works so well with your figure. You look great.