Saturday, 23 April 2016

Little white cardigan

So as soon as I start boasting about our lovely weather,  Ruthie pipes up and tells me that a short sleeve cardigan is practically useless for the purpose of warmth. Actually she didn't say anything nearly so cheeky.  I'll paste her actual words here so that I don't mislead anyone :)

SewRuthie has left a new comment on your post "Little red cardigan":

Adorable little cardigan.
(Thanks Ruthie)
By the way in cooler climes we need long sleeves in our cardigans.

It is quite true, and in fact, although a short sleeve cardigan is very useful for extending the wearable life of a sundress in my own locale, a long sleeve cardigan gives the sundress even more longevity, so I made one of those too.

I used cotton yarn again, this time in Jo Sharp Desert Aran Cotton, in an off white called "Solstice". I actually repurposed most of this yarn from a jumper I made for my younger daughter a few years ago. She only wore it a few times before some dastardly cup of tea spilt itself down the front and left an unfortunately placed stain which we could not remove.

(This link is the version I made for my older daughter - it's still in use)

As I'd knit the previous incarnation mostly in the round, it ravelled easily, and I was able to remove the tea stain by discarding the stained sections. I had a few balls of unused yarn to make up the shortfall.

Keeping to  my current theme, I used a pattern that I'd made previously, Miette by Andi Satterlund. (I just noticed that I have not yet posted about the previous version - bad blogger that I am). This pattern does not actually have long sleeves, but I just extended them from the original 3/4 length with a bit of tapering to the wrist. I particularly like the bust shaping on this cardigan, its nicely fitting for something made in 10ply.

I changed the neckline finish to an i-cord bind off, and lengthened the body of the cardigan by one lace pattern repeat, but otherwise this is knit pretty much as written in the smallest size -much to the displeasure of my daughter who tried this on and found that it was too big for her (Yay, I can keep this one)

I was wondering why I haven't made myself a little white cardigan before. It goes with nearly everything in my summer to autumn wardrobe.
Then I remembered how long my daughter's white jumper lasted. I wonder how many times I'll wear my new cardigan before it suffers a fatal stain attack.........



Summer Flies said...

So cute... wish I could knit!

SewRuthie said...

Beautiful Cardigan, fantastic sleeves!!! The white will go with everything in your wardrobe but be careful of those cups of tea.

LindaC said...

I think both of your cardigans are absolutely gorgeous and would get lots of use in any kind of climate. ;)

Sharon said...

The perfect white cardigan as you say will extend your summer wardrobe perfectly. I need to find mine and extend those sleeves 3/4 in winter does not work for me. Like the idea of the I-cord bind off.

Sue said...

Still in awe of your knitting skills - need to learn more... i-cord bind-off?