Thursday, 22 February 2018

Colette Dahlia in Green Linen

The good thing about writing about sewing some months after you've made something is that you can reveal the wearing qualities of a garment. Note to self- dark colours are prone to fading!
Despite this, when getting dressed for work, I am more likely to pull a deep or dark coloured dress from the wardrobe than something in a pale colour. Maybe it feels more professional?
Here is my second (wearable) version of Colette Dahlia. This one is in a medium-heavy weight linen, and I have worn it frequently despite having future fitting adjustments in my sewing plans. Mostly I wear it to work, but it has also had an occasional airing for social activites. It's a very practical shape.
2017-08-19 08.21.19

I further adjusted the neck fitting by adding a small dart to each shoulder line at the neck, but still found that there was bra strap exposing slippage, so again added lingerie keepers at the shoulder.

Just for fun, I embelished the raglan seams and vertical skirt seams with running stitch in 3 strands of DMC embroidery cotton. I like the subtle shaping effect that this gives to the skirt.

Dahlia neckline

In another version I may shorten the bodice slightly, and if it was a winter version, I might interface the waistline with a commercial product, rather than the self fabric interfacing I have used in this version, which has the advantage of being relatively cool to wear.
The main area of wear in this garment has been the neckline. I have had to mend the front binding where it attaches to the gathered front section, so would double stitch this seam in a future garment.


SewRuthie said...

what a beautiful shade of teal, you look like a cool lake!

Lyndle said...

Yay, you’re still out there! Hello! I’ve missed your posts. I like the running stitch thingy, I’d never think of it, but then Ihave no imagination.

Summer Flies said...

Hi Karen, great to see you. That colour is so great on you. It's a lovely the hand stitching.