Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Stripes-a-long, variations on Elizabeth Zimmerman's raglan sleeved jumper

Sometime in early June, I succumed to the lure of a seamless raglan knit-a-long, proposed by the impressively productive and inventive Kate of Fabrikated.
Being incredibly slack, I did not officially sign up for this project, but lurked about  her blog admiring others' projects whilst I sorted through my extensive scrappy wool stash and knit a few rows every so often.


Did I tell you that my elder daughter now works and lives in Tasmania, about 2500 km from her doting family? It's cold down there.
I managed to finish this custom sized jumper for her by the end of September, when it is not yet warm in our most southern state.
Of course I had visited her twice by then. She can't escape (insert evil laugh)
 It's amazing how much you can knit whilst waiting around at the airport and travelling by plane.

The instructions for this jumper are very loosely taken from Elizabeth Zimmerman's classic book, Knitting without Tears, which I have owned since 2009. I am very grateful to Kate for inspiring me to finally make something using this book.

I added shaping at the back waist, inspired by the pattern OWLS by another Kate Davies. I made a narrower sleeve and a shorter yoke, as described by Kate  of Fabrikated, and added a lot more short rows, all with wraps, to the neckline. I did not like the final appearance of the disappearing navy blue rows in the neck shaping so used some duplicate stitch to reintroduce these stripes at the front neck and shoulders.


The yarn is mostly Cleckheaton 8 ply crepe, 100% wool, and predates my copy of the Zimmerman book.


Summer Flies said...

So nice to hear from you. The jumper is lovely. I appreciate hand knits but just can't do it. You must really mis your daughter but I guess good opportunity for Tassie trips. Congratulations on her graduation and work.

Janine said...

A fantastic use of leftovers. It is great you are allowed to knit on planes again. I have the same but opposite problem with errant daughters. Mine moved from Victoria to FNQ ( I am here right now nagging her about study )

colesworth said...

I love raglans with stripes - such a fun colour combination too ;o)