Saturday, 26 January 2008

Another twist top

This is the twist top, Simplicity 3800, that I made for my Mum today. She and I are very pleased with it. So far this top looks great on a 12 and a 13 year old, me in my thirties and Mum in her sixties - what a great pattern! I used a not very expensive cotton interlock from my local fabric shop - this being the best knit available in town. I altered the pattern for a small bust, and gave her a bit more room in the lower bodice for a mature figure. I had vague thoughts of making Mum the top from V2925, but it looked absolutely terrible on her. She has narrow, slightly sloping shoulders, a petite frame, and a small bust. I have just reviewed V2925 as my new favourite top - I guess I take after my Dad.

Today I worked on the toile for the jacket from V2925, about 7 hours worth. I am finding the Timmel SWAP very motivating. I planned on doing the jacket as an "if I'm feeling ambitious at the end of the SWAP" project, but after seeing all of the marvellous work of other participants I feel like jumping in to these projects with both feet. I am now happy with the waist, peplum, back fit, after taking in the back darts and central seam and raising the waist seam, but need to work out how to alter a french dart as a FBA. I was getting tired when I put on the collar and lapel, and need to try this again tomorrow to see if I need to lower the back neck. The sleeve is also a bit tricky - I need more stitching ease at the front shoulder seam, and less at the back. I am also not sure how much overall garment ease I will need. I plan on wearing the jacket over a t shirt or light blouse only, but as the toile is not interfaced or lined, I know I will need ease for these fabric layers in the real garment. This pattern is rated easy, the jacket has nine outer pieces and 3 lining pieces, I think it needs a rating like knitting patterns - achievable by intermediate sewer with patience, or something like that.

Re the junior SWAP, I had planned on making a simple, shirred baby doll top for my daughter today, as a relief from the jacket toile, but I am glad to get away from my sewing machine for a while. I will try the shirred top in the morning after I go to the farmer's market.
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