Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Construction details

I'm behind myself with my pictures. These are pictures of Vogue 2925, tops and pants. I described the alterations to the pants a few days ago and have edited that post to add pictures of the alterations. My alterations to the top were very minimal - I scaled down to a size 10, curving out towards a 12 below the waist. I stabilized the shoulder seam with selvage, the dark brown with a lime green strip and the caramel with a green batik strip. I also used swimsuit elastic in the neck finish. I overlocked the edge, then folded it over the elastic once, stretching the elastic very slightly as I sewed. I finished the arm in the same way without the elastic, and finished the bottom hem with wide zig-zag stitch. I am very pleased with both the tops and pants. My little extra for the pants was using a brown/yellow and metallic gold quilting fabric selvage for the waist facing instead of grosgrain ribbon.

I will definitely use the pants and at least one V2925 for my SWAP. I probably wouldn't wear the top to work, unless it was under the jacket for giving a talk or going to a meeting as bare upper arms don't seem very business- like to me. I need the top to complete 3 pieces from the wardrobe pattern, should I use V2925 for the pattern, as I am not making any skirts for my SWAP - this is a self inflicted rule to make sure I use the SWAP to make work pants.

I have some red/brown fabric that I will use to make another of these tops, and that may end up being the inclusion, as I really like the colour.

Today I was in the local fabric shop again, buying the green invisible zip for pants V2925 #2, and also bought some probably not very good quality, but quite thick interlock in a neutral sandy colour. I will not use it for my SWAP, as it isn't a great match for the caramel pants, but it will look good with the green ones, or be a good top to wear with a denim skirt. I bought 1.7m, all there was, so that I can try making a top for my mother when she comes to stay with us for the Australia Day long weekend that is only 3 days away. This is a cunning plan to keep sewing whilst she is here. I will bring the machine into the living room, sew her top, which I really think will suit her, then keep working on my SWAP without her feeling in the least bit neglected. I may also work on my daughter's SWAP, as Mum will enjoy being consulted in the planning stages. I am so keen to sew at the moment that I think I would have withdrawal symptoms if I didn't sit down at my sewing machine for 3 days running.

Today I woke full of fortitude, and revisited my overstretchy cotton lyra woven stretch pants, V8305. I used all the tips from the sewers at artisianssquare, and there was a definite improvement. I will keep working on them. I also sewed and pressed the darts for pants V2925#2. I also went to work, washed the floor, ironed a bit (only because ironing a minimum of 3 items when I get the iron out for my sewing is another self inflicted rule), made a tiger striped vegemite sandwich like the one my son saw on playschool this morning, cleaned the kitchen, made the beds, did 2 loads of washing and 3 rows of knitting so that my sister might get her socks on time for her birthday..... I am not sure how much my SWAP will slow down once the children are back at school and I have all the after school activities transport to do-but the knitting rate will improve.

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Elle said...

Hi Karen, now you have me wanting to switch from V2989 to this pattern. Your tops are beautiful. And look at this blog! You have gone to town. I like how you are using Picasa, I'm going to give that a look. This is all disjointed because it is 1:00 a.m. here in Connecticut, really must make myself turn of the computer and go to sleep. Actually got some work on my SWAP done tonight!